Click here to read By His Stripes Three days in the belly of the beast Three nights and hell had a grand feast But that morning, the SON rose His Light sent demons scattered in their droves From the ashes of shame Lord of the Harvest, that is His name He emerged – The Seed of the Woman Crushing the head of the Serpent          conceived by the Move of the Spirit             and the Spirit hovered over the earth                  then God said “Let there be Light” –  and He was born From the bitter pyre He rose confounding all His foes Even in death He was King, It wasn’t murder … He, by himself, surrendered and He emerged!!! From the throes of death to the Majestic throne of Life Hallelujah He is ALIVE Devil-hounds hollered and bawled Death shook in its place Hell’s bars quivered He

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The ABCs of Grace from the Virgin’s tears to the Roar of the Resurrected Lion of the Tribe of Judah!!! A mother’s tears Beauty bruised, broken, battered by the beatings Creation’s Creator crushed on a cross Death’s whip cutting through his skin Emmanuel’s silence in the face of his accuser Fearless? a lamb led to the slaughter God – MURDERED??? Heaven paused, Hell in a joyous frenzy Iniquity taking center stage Judgement poured out “King of kings, my foot“ the high priest screamed “Lord of warts ” the rabbis hollered “More like a majestic madman” Now! Now! why don’t you set yourself free One by one they hurled insults Pilate’s wife was scared Quivers swept through the city streets Restless! oh how the earth was restless Sin was crucifying the Sinless LAMB Time stood still and watched death take over Unconsolable … Mary held on to John “Villain? her baby was no villain!!!” she watched Watching, waiting as He forgave

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