The wind swirls and swishes,

drum beats prance across the streets…

children chant in the corner, ladies gossip

I stare longingly; heart in mouth

wishing for a flawless execution… but I stutter…

this is

My last move…

I raise my sword to Nike the winged goddess of victory,

My heart races as her glance meets my stare,

I am dazzled by the golden hue as the morning sun dances amidst her hair

She is a masterpiece

carefully crafted from lip to hip

from dreamy dawn to dusty dusk,

Under the kind light of the distant moon,

whose arms reach out to kiss the sea,

She calls my name

her voice, a splendid fragrance, a sweet citrus musk,

by night the pale hue of the crescent sentinel

Welcomes me into her world

My aorta rages for a moment

A flickering portion of what seems to be an eternity

I see her silhouette poised delicately amidst the stars

Her locks of hair dancing to the mellifluous harmony of the midnight zephyr…

She waits,

I stand transfixed by her frame…

She calls again,

Walking towards me

I feel the endless flutter of avian wings

A lustful dance laced with Caribbean beats

Each step measured,

My pulse cascading like the Niagara falls.

She waits, beckoning to me with her eyes…

Her voice – a soft lilt that tugs resolutely at my heart strings…

Is this love that I am feeling or nausea caused by butterflies in my belly?

My heart throbs – gbish gbish

By what unearthly magic doth she entrap me in her world…

I am engulfed by passions once fettered

I stand – a lover unchained

My heart in resonance with the melody she plays

Not a note out of tune. Every shade in place.

Tell me… Should I venture into her arms?

Or wait till love fades to black

I shall not wait!

for night falls fast

if I decide to let her go … is it not fear that keeps

me locked in a stranglehold

Dark looming clouds sweep over the sky

Her outstretched arms are distant now …

BUT… I draw her back in…

I won’t give up

Though I am flawed, a diamond uncut

I am here… I am now

Let this dream be our Eden,

a beautiful oasis in the midst of the melee

I am dizzy with delight as I dare to scale great heights to win her affections,

I will be to her Boaz and she will be Ruth,

our romance will take root downwards

and soar above mountains…


Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

24 thoughts on “Musk

  1. Ha-ha!
    Loved it!

    Well taken risk… But your love tho… One would now wish she was real so the well thought ‘sumptuous’ lines don’t go to waste…


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