A Psalm of Grace

 There is a company of saints gifted with the Spirit of poetry, majestic musings and rhyme. One such saint gives us his thoughts on gracious grace in this poem. Please read “A PSALM OF GRACE” written by Osowe Oluwagbenga @gbengaosowe (To be read while listening to a hymn on grace). For indeed it is the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that has granted us access into the Kingdom.   Shame and failure stared at me in the face Telling me I was a candidate for disgrace Mere man like me, product of a fallen human race Of what substance am I to think that I’d ever be great?   Then I looked and beheld the Sun and stars Mighty trees, beasts, birds and the inhabitants of the oceans How they show forth such great beauty and glory The handiwork of the awesome King of Love       Then I heard words that bring life Coming to me as it

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