A Psalm of Grace

 There is a company of saints gifted with the Spirit of poetry, majestic musings and rhyme. One such saint gives us his thoughts on gracious grace in this poem. Please read “A PSALM OF GRACE” written by Osowe Oluwagbenga @gbengaosowe (To be read while listening to a hymn on grace). For indeed it is the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that has granted us access into the Kingdom.


Shame and failure stared at me in the face

Telling me I was a candidate for disgrace

Mere man like me, product of a fallen human race

Of what substance am I to think that I’d ever be great?

Grace is embedded in nature
Grace is embedded in nature


Then I looked and beheld the Sun and stars

Mighty trees, beasts, birds and the inhabitants of the oceans

How they show forth such great beauty and glory

The handiwork of the awesome King of Love




Then I heard words that bring life

Coming to me as it is written in the God-breathed books

Saying my greatness comes not of works lest I should boast

For all I have will come from You

And all I want is found in You,

So with a heart filled with thanks, I bow my face

Singing and crying, Lord it’s all by your grace Selah!

Your grace, your grace

I’m nothing without You

Your grace, Your grace

Shines on me

I looked around me and saw great men stumble and fumble

Then I heard a voice saying “grace is for the humble”

Obey my words dear son and never grumble

My grace is sufficient to keep your from troubles”

So I cling to His grace, that unmerited favour

For I know it would save me from earth’s fruitless labour

All of God’s riches through Christ I can wholly savor

Heaven’s Provisions,

Made available by the death and resurrection of my Savior

In my darkest hours grace shines through,

Brighter than the Sun in its fullest splendor

My justification, joint heir-ship with Christ came by grace

I’m sanctified, purified and it’s not by the beauty of my face


Now I go boldly to that throne of grace to receive

Mercy and help for every time of need

Daily Lord, I pray to grow in grace and knowledge of You

I know I am nothing, but mere dust without you,

So I say to one and I say to all

That grace and peace be multiplied unto you

Happy New Month! MAY God’s grace abound for you this month. I remain @wordsmyht. Do follow on twitter, share the posts and comment. Cheers

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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