Random #1

I have never really done a random post before. Let me try my hand on this

Why I write?

Well I want to become famous. I want people to ‘quote’ me. I want to walk down the street and get chased by adoring ‘female’ fans. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want all that. My ‘flesh’ has desires of its own but gladly the ME in me wants more. He longs to see lives changed. He longs to see light break out on the inside of you my dear reader. There are certain expressions that I have come to see are unique to me and I pray every day that those expressions evoke a desire and stir a longing to return to the wholeness of the Word and Wisdom of God in you. Perhaps along the way I will write that book or a series of songs that will eventually make me world-famous.

Why Grace?

I once asked myself this question: if I didn’t DO ANYTHING to get saved, what must I DO to keep my salvation? I am still searching for the answers. Grace is a scandal. God overpaid and Christ’s death on the cross was more than we could ask for. Patterson calls it the unforced rhythm of Grace. Grace is that tune that strips away all your guilt, blots them out and them in the same heartbeat clothes you with righteousness. Never at any point in your salvation walk does it become your own self-righteousness rather it is ALL ABOUT CHRIST. Christ did something on the cross. Do you understand it?

The Bible …

My fascination with the bible? Hmmm… I have written quite a couple of adaptations from the bible and I still get wowed. I do believe we ought to become theologians (students of the Word of God). I strongly believe that it doesn’t matter where your Word is coming from whether a Galaxy Tab or burgundy leather bound paper. The key is that the Word be implanted on the Table of your heart. I believe that our journey through the word is made more refreshing when we start our trip from the Pauline epistles. After all we are the gentiles to whom he was sent. I believe that the Anointing (Holy Spirit) will teach you the word. Allow Him.

My Relationship

Ah! I am single and searching though I vehemently maintain that I am on some Pauline things. My only selling point is my writing though – the Lord hasn’t revealed her to me yet. Perhaps she will come when I get the hang of punctuation marks and some other spiritual dynamics.
I am growing daily. My outlook on life is changing. Grace is unfurling realities to me. He is teaching me to dance with Him. He is leading as a shepherd would. Though sometimes a flagrant desire comes in, especially when I take my eyes off Him, He never leaves nor forsakes me.

Mentors and Peppermint

I love my teachers: Ayo Ajani, Femi Olaleye and Andrew Wommack. I am currently reading 3 books – How to be led by the spirit by Kenneth Hagin, Brother Odd by Dean Koontz and Rediscovering the Kingdom by Myles Munroe. I don’t read as much as I should but I am steadily building my own personal library. At least every month I would spend +N5000 on books. It is a start.

There is a fragrance that people give off that rubs off on you when you spend time in their presence. When you surround yourself with people who have what you want there is a greater likelihood of you getting infected with the ‘DESIRE’ which God will responds to. Paul says DESIRE earnestly the best gifts. God responds when our Desires are in line with His word and His word is His will. I hope you get but if not the comment section is waiting.
I will be writing a series soon on Mentors and Peppermint.

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Thanks for reading this.

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

14 thoughts on “Random #1

  1. Finally! I think with this, i’ve come to know your real personality.[not that you were feigning before. LOL]. Anyways i hope this continues. Awesome! As always.


  2. Lovely peice of you, this was and you served it so nicely, I’m yearning for another helping. You continually inspire me to more! Lovely decision on building a library with a fixed monthly spend. We grow by learning. T’was a very calm, heartfelt read, like ‘from my heart to yours’ and it resonated with me cos of the randomness. Lest I write baloney, I’m out. Looking forward to Mentors and Peppermint. Stay fresh! 🙂


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