A little piece of me: I could be very vainglorious but I constantly remind myself that the source of my life is CHRIST. I CHOOSE TO EXALT HIM WITH MY POETRY BECAUSE IT IS A REMINDER THAT HE IS THE SOURCE. I believe that JESUS IS PERFECT THEOLOGY. I pray that this poem reveals you in CHRIST and CHRIST in you.


The angels stared in wonder
Across the galaxies there was a quiver
It was beyond all expectations
The grimmest event since the earth’s foundation

The tears of Jerusalem’s wives and mothers
And the spikes driven in fiercely by the roman soldiers
Formed an eerie symphony as eternity
Watched a man killed who was either mad or a different breed of divinity

Raucous laughter rose from among the rabbinic rank
Mary looked on, her sturdy heart sank
They were mocking her baby, calling him a liar
He hung on a tree – Yeshua son of a carpenter

Worse than the whacks of the roman whip
It was more excruciating than the pain of seeing Mary weep
As the earth tossed and turned
The fires of hell raged and burned

Then it began – the reason for it all
A plan that had been in motion even before the fall
In a frenzied rush, all sins raced to the cross
Sickness, sorrows, all were sucked in by a divine force

Death and hell shuddered at the very thought
They had been hoodwinked by Adonai’s plot
They latched on to the ‘madman’, the ‘fraud’
The one who claimed he could give the Spirit as a reward

Humanity’s sins past, present and yet to come
Made the charlatan’s bruised body their home
Eloi! Eloi! He hollered at the heavens
Lama Sabachthani! the son forsaken??

Behind the veil hidden from mortal sight
All sins were forgiven, swallowed up Emmanuel’s light
At the foot of the cross the centurion stared in wonder
“Truly HE is the Son of God …”

I ASK AGAIN! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE CROSS? Please share your opinions about the poem and your opinions about the cross in the comments section.

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

8 thoughts on “JESUS

  1. I read this several times over; beautiful, through and through.

    This is the message of the cross simplified, yes, Jesus died once, for all for sins past, present and yet to come, giving us access beyond the torn veil.

    Made me say again, as the centurion did that day, ‘truly He is the son of God’.


  2. Wonderful piece. D devil thought he had victory! Finally he has d ‘son’ of God he thought. Boy was he in for a surprise, he didn’t know that God didn’t just want to kill his son, he wanted to kill sin, when jesus became sin, and he died being sin, GBAM! Sin was defeated! Hallelujah!!!!!


  3. its time to famz! i wasnt going to read this, just skim through and share dutifully like a good younger sister but on second thought, i read it, taking in every word, every line–this is great, so much of truth—i’m short of words honestly. but Yeshua, son of a Carpenter, thank you. thanks for getting hung on the cross. JMD, good job.


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