Solomon’s Porch: On Discussions, Disputes and Debates of the Scriptural Kind

What is the point of your discussions, blogs, tweets if not to glorify in your reality the ALREADY Glorified Son. He is in our midst when every thing is brought in subjection to Him. There is no variableness or shadow of turning. Truth is Truth in Christ.

Disclaimer: I am not an authority on these issues. I am operating with the mind of Christ and despite my own fickle and fragmental knowledge at times I trust that the Spirit of Christ will reveal to you the substance in this shadowy post. Please allow Grace to express itself in you. Special thanks to JMD for spurring me to write, to Tomi of Arike’s Art for speaking up and TJ for just being TJ.

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Where two or three are gathered in my name I am there in their midst.. [Scripture ref: Matthew 18:20]


Everyday on sidewalks, in churches, on the streets and in our tweets, we exchange verbal blows in the name of scriptural analysis. The Scriptures are a potpourri of potency that it is no surprise that we have such a multitude of interpretations and opinions.

We discuss, argue and criticize ourselves. We come together to break bread but end up feeling like we have broken our heads and the bonds of our friendships. We leave at variance, at odds with ourselves because we so often are intent on proving ourselves right. Doesn’t Paul put it succinctly…”let God be true and everyman a liarRomans. 3:4

Mathematically the center of a circle is at an equal distance from every part of the perimeter. When we look unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith, we see Wholeness. He is in our midst when we gather to exalt Him. What is the point of your discussions, blogs, tweets if not to glorify in your reality the ALREADY Glorified Son. He is in our midst when every thing is brought in subjection to Him. There is no variableness or shadow of turning. Truth is Truth in Christ.

The bible states that we have the mind of Christ. You may have contradictory opinions. I may be conversing from a skewed viewpoint but there is a center where all things are held together and this is in Christ. Currently I am meditating on the concept that Christ is perfect theology.

So who reveals this Perfect theology – Christ in the bible and in my heart? The Holy Spirit. Remember how Paul didn’t confer with any man when his mission started? When the voice of the Spirit is ingrained in your mind, you won’t have time for the dissonance of dissenters. Every question you have and [ask the Holy Spirit] is a step closer to the fullness of the Christ-life in your soul’s reality.

Do you realize that even Peter found some of what Paul said to be difficult to understand? The writer of Hebrews notes that Jesus is the brightness of God. If you see Jesus, you have seen the Father. I don’t know how to be mild about this but a lot of what is being dished out as truth is old covenant barbarism. Perhaps I could be soft and see they are ignorant but like Isaiah says, ignorance no be excuse.

    We may not agree on all issues but if we can, for a moment, look through Grace-tinted Goggles, we will see Christ who is truth.

Let the anointing teach you. Believe and place trust in the leadership ability of the Spirit. Consider it a school with the Ruach as your teacher. There will be levels of truth you will easily grasp and some that will challenge your thinking. Your pastors, teachers, me and other so-called Christian bloggers may attempt to sow a seed of truth in your heart (Every Word comes first as a seed never fully grown) like the Bereans we must examine these seeds to see if they bear the marks and fullness of the Kingdom of God.

    Note that God doesn’t run a democracy. He is theocratic and His modus operandi is Kingdom style.

When you have, with the help of the Spirit, assessed the vitality and inherent vitamins of the Word you are hearing, then you ought to take the seed and cultivate it in your heart. Push the borders of your thinking. For example: The truth is, Grace stretches our imagination. Grace is like a judge looking at Adolf Hitler, Clifford Orji or GEJ and saying you are INNOCENT. In fact Grace is bigger and infinitely deeper than that.

Mentally we have created walls of separation; God is not as petty as we are. When we enter discussion mode or hear someone criticizing us we instantly recognize such as an enemy. Do you know how iron sharpens iron? First by recognizing that both of you are made of the same stuff and second by rubbing minds together.

Questions expose the frailty in our ‘personal’ theology. Jesus asked the disciples, who do men/you say that I am? Who is Christ to you? Do you understand His Love, His Grace, His Faith, His power? Do you understand the burden and blessing of the cross? ASK for direction. SEEK for truth. KNOCK on the door of mystery.

Be childlike with your faith. No gra gra. Have Questions? Ask! – JMD

In Christ there are no contradictions. Any perceived contradictions are a result of the fragmental knowledge we possess. I have read posts that startled me, that jolted me out of my senses and left me more confused than I started out. But slowly I am understanding. Never allow your failure to understand deter you from seeking the truth. If one will push you away for this, then find another. Gladly the Holy Spirit will always teach us. That which comes from Him is surely eternal.

Oh and for the curious amongst you. JMD is not me and I am not JMD.

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

4 thoughts on “Solomon’s Porch: On Discussions, Disputes and Debates of the Scriptural Kind

  1. Very true! Iron sharpening iron isn’t a pleasant process but it is necessary. God is not as petty as we are.
    I imagine Paul disputing the scriptures like the Bible says he did, paradigms had to shift, people had to learn and relearn what they previously knew as truth.

    if we truly take on the attitude of children in our pursuit of Christ, we will find Him.

    I think I prefer the previous theme though, the white and black background made the text more reader friendly. LOL.
    But i still read this.

    Oh, regards to JMD.


    • still experimenting with the theme sha.. thanks for reading.

      Our pursuit is of Christ not to show off our knowledge or pummel others with our sense of self-righteousness.

      True, Paradigms had to shift, your own two cents can bring a wealth of liberation to the ignorant. We must seek to continually seek Christ.


  2. I learnt about greater truth and lesser truth in a CD my sister brought from school and from that moment I began applying it.

    If I hear of a thing I immediately grade it into greater or lesser truth but the one I believe goes into effect in my life.

    E.g If healing is a lesser truth, a greater truth is divine health, not knowing sickness, if wealth is a lesser truth, owning the world is a greater truth. So when I pray/talk to my Father, I decree the greater truth no matter what I may be seeing.

    I walk and act by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, crazy but that is my walk with God, it is personal. I try not to get into arguments, stay teachable and humble, all lessons from the letters of Paul to the believer. I do not try to practice Hebrews 6:1-4, I stay in the position Christ has put me, I cannot be climbing down and going up daily just to please people, its delay.
    My point:
    I have not found a greater truth for Christ is the rock. As much as He lives in me and I stand as Christ, I am ever so grateful that He is my rock, my firm and unshakeable foundation.


  3. Who am I to You? Wow. Christ is the center, I once taught of that. I ask God to help me separate the wheat from the chaff, always. But I should not be scared of differing opinions, this is new. 🙂


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