5 Inches

Written on: 22nd of August 2013

Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow
A lamb for the slaughter so that all would know
That Yahweh yearns for his prodigal sons to return home

Mary had a little lamb whose bleat was a Lion’s roar
Sweeping through the vale of death and hell
A light to tear the darkness and the evil that surrounds

but Jesus said to them, “I have shown you many good works from the Father. For which of these do you stone me?” “We are not stoning you for any good work,” they replied, “but for blasphemy, because you, a mere man, claim to be God” John Zebedee

Can you see the children playing in the streets? Can you? Quickly… come fast…

Can you see that one with the wild smile? He is in the center, with a zit on his face? Yes? You can! good… That is Him…

If telling about God’s love for men was a crime then he was the vilest of criminals. If restoring sight to the blind or raising Jairus’ daughter was the act of a mad man then he was of all men the most loony. If by speaking of the Kingdom not fashioned by man he was instigating a revolt then he was the fiercest of insurgents. There was no guile in him, no lie on his lips yet they flayed him and ripped flesh from bone as they displayed gross ignorance of that which was written in scriptures. Like a lamb he was led to the slaughter. He was broken and bruised, crushed by the weight of the patibulum which was placed on his shoulders.

A full Roman military guard led the parade to the site of the crucifixion. The lamb was flanked on all sides by the red and gold of the roman army. There was an unearthly rancor that filled with the air. He had once encountered a procession but of a different kind. It was a burial procession. The mother had been crying profusely. She had lost her husband only a few years ago and now her son was dead. He had stopped the procession and raised the son to life.

This was why he was being led to the slaughter, for giving life?

One of the soldiers held the titulus (sign) which contained His name and His crime. It was emblazoned in such a way that all who beheld the cross would read its inscription. The burden of the cross beam threw him to the earth. He could taste the dust as the soldier bearing the sign hurried quickly to raise him back up. The inscription read JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH: KING OF THE JEWS. He was being killed because he had proclaimed the message of the Kingdom.

They had almost reached the foot of the hill – Golgotha. The name was apt meaning ‘place of the skull’ and the location was indeed in line with scripture. He managed a smile. Like the lamb of sacrifice he would be offered outside the city walls. They climbed and by this time a young man Simon from Cyrene had carried the beam for him. Just as he had offered once for men to take upon themselves his light yoke, Simon took this burden for him.

Man had separated himself in his mind and here he was at the place of the skull to tear the shroud of sin that barred them from the Presence. The soldiers threw him on his back upon the craggy ground of Golgotha. The ruckus raised by the crowd increased as arguments surged through them. Some claimed that it was unfair, others bellowed about the inability of the Saviour to save himself. The Pharisees stood with feverish excitement. He could hear some argue over his seamless garment. He gazed into the heavens, tears rolling down the sides of his face.

One of the soldiers knelt beside him holding a hammer and tapered iron spikes about 5 inches long. He had taught men to forgive their enemies. He had taught about love on the Mount of Olives. He had seen friends break through a roof in an act of selfless faith. He screamed a horrific cry that pierced the heavens. The nails tore through his flesh. The soldier was skilled. The nails nested between his carpals and radius without damage to major arterial trunks and without fracture of bones.

He was in pain. He could have whispered to the angels who watched in horror and power would change hands, but he had surrendered to the will of the Father. 5 inch nails couldn’t hold him on the cross only Love kept him transfixed. They nailed his feet to the wooden beam. 5 inches of steel pierced through him. Impaled by the acrid stench of Adam’s sin he remained still. They didn’t know what they were doing. How could they?

Four soldiers gathered to lift his cross up. He knew their stories. He knew where it hurt them. His heart ached not only from the agony of the scourging or the violent intrusion of steel nails through his body but by the pain they felt. Though they smiled and mocked, he could hear the bitter undertones of suffering. They were the reason he had to die. They had nailed the titulus to the cross. This was met with disdain by the Pharisees and scribes. He looked into the crowd and felt nothing but love. Somehow his eyes met with Barabbas who had covered his face with a cloak.

Barabbas – the lost soul whose appetites were frayed by greed. The very one whose steps were fraught with fear and failure. This was Barabbas. The same person who would stubbornly argue doctrine but neglect the ministry of Life, who would clamour for the fig leaves of self-liberty but ignore the free gift of righteousness. 

There was pain in his pupils. But then there was Hope. Barabbas and the others wouldn’t understand but this was why the lamb had to die. In the eyes of the rebel he saw the entirety of mankind. He saw a city that prided itself in its own garish excellence sprawling with people, a port teeming with business men. He saw a metropolis with the masses trudging under the influence of death. Death had held sway long enough. This was why He would descend into hell and take the keys from death and the grave. ‘Barabbas’ was the reason he would rise again. Love gazed into the throng and saw only beauty. Mercy would prevail over judgment at the cross. Judgment would come in leaps and bounds but at the end only Grace would remain.

Father forgive them…

I don’t want to assume any deep knowledge of the Divine. All I seek to do is reveal the Father’s heart towards me and hope that you too will see as He sees. I am still journeying and He is my guide. I pray that you will learn to dance with the Father. Please tour the site, share this post and follow by email. Thanks for your continual support.

Written By Dami

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

47 thoughts on “5 Inches

    • didn’t expect this response. The post just came.. and errr.. ibk i miss you oo.. THANK YOU FOR READING and I appreciate you more than you know.

      P.S I have a post named after you.. episode 1 is out.


  1. First of all, Lemme comment on the amazing work that this was (not your writing) but the work of Jesus Christ. By one imponderable Fell-stroke, all of humanity’s issues was dealt with. Great, amazing.

    Then your writing simply is amazing. Very graphic, very sensitive. I’m a fan.


    • aha… my writing is merely the fruit of His creativity. One Essence Realities. One with the Spirit that burst forth across the expanse of barren space rock and surged over the waters of the deep.

      Thanks for reading… really! this comment is an encouragement… for me to dig deeper…


    • once again!!! u r awesome dear!!! thanks for always reading and finding time to comment!!!! really appreciate!!!!

      we must ceaselessly point people to Christ!!!!


  2. There is something special, sweet, powerful about an account of the crucifixtion. This is a wonderful piece. Reminds me of a song too. Salvation 101.


  3. Amazing, the story of Christ’s love.
    Fantastic, the creative ability he has given you to depict the tale of His love so vividly .
    This peice spoke to me so deep, very timely reminder. Jesus didnt have to die, but love made him endure.

    This comment summarised it all for me, “5 inch nails couldn’t hold him on the cross, only Love kept him transfixed”.
    God bless you Dami!
    More Grace!


    • “5 inch nails couldn’t hold him on the cross, only Love kept him transfixed”.

      true!!! appreciate ur comment!!! really!!!

      The cross is le picture of scandalous grace!!!!it is the exact image of stupendous grace…


  4. Words fail me… However I must say, thank you for this! A reminder of all that was done for me to have freedom from the law and an entrance into grace!


  5. God bless u dami…….dis reveals d father’s heart buh as expository as it is…..d father’s love is soooo deep dt even dt which we ve seen or know is only a pinch…….great one……I ll have to use dis in one of my teachings….tanx dami


  6. His love for us still astounds me beyond my the wildest of my wildest imaginations… And sometimes I’m guilty of underestimating… Thank you Dami for “stoning” me back into the mix.

    As for the writing… *lips sealed*


  7. His love, so amazing
    His ways, so outstanding
    His precepts, so perfect

    His amazing love has been shared abroad in our hearts. His outstanding ways were brought within our reach by His so amazing love. His precepts are perfect, faultless. His eternal love yet brings all together and teaches us, mortal imperfectionists. His Spirit yet continues this expression of love. I have no reason not to love Him back, yet I can’t fully understand why He would love me.

    I’m speechless. The thought of He loving me in His pains and going through it to heal me of mine is just so much. We can never have a better saviour. No one loves like this, except Him. He laid His life not because He could raise it back up, but cause He wanted to raise us up with Him. I’m moved to tears.



  8. This is a real beau.
    The writing style,the core (story)… both keeps attention.
    It’s my first time on the blog, but i’ll be back! This is too good to pass up.


  9. ”He could have whispered to the angels who watched in horror and power would change hands, but he had surrendered to the will of the Father” Whew! Very graphic story. Well written….as always. This piece is just different. And glory to God for the devil knew not the significance of Jesus’ death on the cross.


    • halleluyah!!! dumb fool like him! if he had known! if he had known!!! glory to God for keeping His joker hidden till the last minute!!!! the devil was in for a shocker!!!! whewWWW!!! thanks for visitin Lanre


  10. The Love of Jesus is so amazing….. You have done such a wonderful work in showing His Love to the world… They laughed and mocked, but He still reached down in their hearts and saw their pain, where it hurt and what they needed…. He just Loved His murderers as much as His best friends…. Lovely work Dami. 🙂


  11. I love the way your heart things Damilare…..These thoughts are not from your head. They cannot be. I loved this post but you know my favourite bit?

    ‘I don’t want to assume any deep knowledge of the Divine. All I seek to do is reveal the Father’s heart towards me and hope that you too will see as He sees. I am still journeying and He is my guide. I pray that you will learn to dance with the Father’

    You speak my heart EXACTLY.


  12. Amazing… the Saviour’s Love. try as we may, we can not fully wrap our heads around it but by faith we plunge into its abundance and bask in its fullness.

    Excellent penmanship!


  13. First time here and I must say this piece is beautiful. Never heard redemption story quite like this. Drives home the message and the spirit behind it is powerful too. God bless you. And thank you Dr. Tombia for sharing


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