One White Rose

Happy Birthday to Dolapo!!!!

Turn the tides, touch the ocean floor,
Kiss the reeds, and capture a thunder.
Rise with the mist, catch a shooting star.
Swing from the trees, unearth gold

I doff my hat to the Timeless Planter of the Rose Gardens of the Earth Think about it for a minute: did He have to make roses red or in so many colors or sprinkle the tapestry of sky and space with twinkling, burning stars? Did he have to make the gazelle so sturdy or give a fierce mane to the lion? Did he need to give you two ears to keep balance and two eyes to enjoy the sights and lights of the sun and moon? Did he need to sculpt your nose with such precision and provide you with a means of enjoying the beautiful aroma of freshly baked bread in the morning or the scent of one white rose, my definitive encounter with beauty?

Embedded in creation is the signature of uniqueness. No two fingerprints are the same. Even your eyes have their distinct imprints of the Creator’s DNA.

Did he have to go through all that trouble? He could have just mass produced us. He could have chosen a default template probably combine the blackened coat of the African’s skin with the slant eyes of the Chinese and the lush hair of the South Americans. He could have used the same operating system of the business-minded Igbo man with the shrewd techy prowess of the Japanese and high-level efficiency of the Germans. We would have come out with the same set of eyes, nose, and hair color. No wahala in the marketplace over size of trouser pants because we are all the same size. It would save us a lot of trouble.

Do you realize the significance of variety? In the bus this morning on my way to work and my ears pick out the deep guttural call of a conductor beckoning to passersby to join the half empty bus. I can hear distinctly the sounds of the revving engine, the cry of a four month old baby and the laughter that rises in the bus as a woman enters the bus and proceeds to lap her husband (I kid you not).

Wouldn’t life be a drab affair if we didn’t have the comedy of Jim Carrey or the exaggerated swag of Jim Iyke? Surely we wouldn’t have the privilege of enjoying the many follies of Kim Kardashian or the heartfelt worship of Kim Walker? [buhahaha -___-]. Would we have the poetic musings of Anu and Le_Maxx, the wisdom and wit of IkeAmadi and Damstylee, the heartfelt art of the Ibukuns (Awosika and Akinnawo? <— Free Advert!


Behold the white rose, God could have chosen to print them all out in the same color – Red. But like a child He splatters the earth with a variety of Roses. The white rose pristine in its appearance is rumored to blush red from a kiss and often times is depicted as being stained with blood. For me the white rose signifies innocence and a sense of new beginnings. We begin our Journey with God with a sense of thanksgiving for the multitude of blessings that surround us. There is a childlike innocence in the heart of a man who is gifted with the skill of a thanksgiver.

The white rose also oozes a sense of secrecy; it gives off a quiet mist of mystery. Not the kind of secret that can never be known but one that only the [initiated] can assess. The white rose unfurls after the storm and gives off a scent of praise towards the King Clockmaker of the Universe. Do you know the secret of the earth? Will you journey through the sand dunes of time and ride saddleback on a cheetah through the gorges and ravines? God has embedded His mystery in the earth and it is the glory of kings to search out as children the secrets.

One white rose speaks mysteries
That only the thankful heart can hear
She whispers in soft timbres and tones
Saying perfect love casts out fear

One white rose dances in the rain
My definitive encounter with beauty
For despite all my tears and pain
All creation sings only of His glory

One white rose, unique, crafted by His hands
Petals of perfection, postured in grace
She sings her song, can you hear her
Saying let Yahweh cloth you with His Lace.

Written by JMD

          Can you look into the seeming dullness of your existence and see the Hand of God? Do you have a reason to thank God, the one who designs white roses just because He can? Why not share in the comments section or just tweet at me.


    God rejoices over with dancing. So please! by all means!!! have a white rose Day…

    Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

    45 thoughts on “One White Rose

    1. Hmm… Nobody makes christian literature so good to read than you Dami. This is just… Wow… God bless you.

      And for the free advert… What can I say? Its free! I definitely can’t reject that. Thanks


      • awww darling!!! the works are in progress.. just wanna keep it a secret for now… before the year rolls out… just watch!! thanks for always being a voice of encouragement!!!!! eternal love for you babe..


    2. Hmmm…..I’m talkless, really He coulda made them all one colour. Yellow roses too? Ah He is so thoughtful…..more grace bro, thanks for writing….


    3. I looked around me after reading this and really appreciated the work of HIS hands. Everything Excellent and Unique.

      Artist Extraordinaire, GOD is…
      Beautiful piece, this is…


    4. Now this is awesomely splendid. I flowed with it till the very last line.
      I’m just short of words to describe the feeling it evoked in me.
      More grace, more grace and more grace again.
      Between, is this DamiMaverick? You write so much like him


    5. Thank you for reminding us dat we ve a reason to be alive and grateful to be uniquely molded to stand out as ourselves.. Well done


    6. My favourite line was “…For me the white rose signifies innocence and a sense of new beginnings.” I do need me a white rose in this season of my life. Thanks for sharing this Dami. Continue to use your words to sooth and bless. More grace.


    7. Wow. This is amazing. Its beautiful to read a piece and instantly feel blessed. Its awesome to be reminded of how far the mind of God races. Its great to be reminded that all around us are reasons to be grateful. Keep it up, and Greater heights.


    8. I’m grateful that I’d find knowledge at the right time, in every thing. I’m like a babe on his mother’s laps, learning to feel safe and satisfied. Here’s my innocence. Thanks Sir Dams


    9. Our God is an AWESOME GOD! The Greatest Artist of all time…He made d World so breathtaking and fantastic, interesting and intriguing. That’s y He’s got f Universe designed aol beautifully…And above all, He created Man in His Image…


    10. So beautiful! It’s even teaching me now to also embrace and appreciate diversity.. I used to get irritated by Jim Iyke’s ‘exaggerated swag’ lol but reading your post makes me smile and think the world would sure be a very dull place if everyone acted in the way I thought was ‘normal’ :-)..
      Thank You Lord for giving us this bright and beautiful world xx


    11. Dami Dami Dami, I am dancing foxtrot with this your vibes on the master orchestrator. Chei! My heart beats faster with each line. You correct no be small. Yes, we serve a God of variety. 🙂 #SeeMeDancingAway 🙂


    12. The angle your inspiration strikes you at is excellent! Totally love this.

      White Rose Day with a White Rose Love. \o/


    13. Love so intense, every work of His emanates it. He really could have ‘mass produced’ but what would that now be. For this awesomeness, I’m a thanksgiver! Dami, you have such a unique and brilliant way of showcasing God through words. It’s absolutely beautiful, absolutely!
      And I’m reading this in 2015 😩😓


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