This Simple Gospel

<We are constantly falling short. We are always almost or completely at odds with God. Sin’s effect works in us a death that medicine cannot cure, that engineering cannot reverse, that philosophy cannot unravel. We are lost in lust, feet fixed in fear and with hearts ravaged with the fiery darts of the evil one.

    Is there hope for man’s child?

Is there an elixir somewhere which he can take to stop this entropy, to quench this decay? For all have sinned and fallen short of the mark. We are scattered, our tongues in variance, our voices in dissent. We each work and walk in our own way, in the way that seems right to us. Sin drives us, his whip tears at us. Yet we move, blinded by worldly desires.

We are constantly falling short. At Sinai the Almighty spoke. He that is named I AM penned his laws in stone. Yet sin’s grip tightened. We grew pale and frail. We faded fast like flowers plucked from the soil. It was a boxing match rigged from the start. We never stood a chance, never could win. The law strengthened sin and regardless of our attempts to escape, knocked us back into the ring.

Then Christ came. The Anointed One was born in a manger far away. Google Bethlehem, book a flight and visit the ancient city. Behold the simplicity of the birthplace of the King. He was born to two nobodies. Joseph was neither scholarly nor a man of wealth and means. Mary wasn’t the toast of the town. The Anointed One was born and grew in favour before God and men. Without a fuss he left the riches of heaven and took on the dusty cloak of flesh.

We are constantly falling everyday, tearing apart at the seams. He saw this and it hurt. He hunched and wrote in the dust as the men railed against the woman caught in adultery. He smiled as the four friends tore through the roof of a stranger’s house because of their crippled friend. He was puzzled by the faith of the lady with the issue of blood who dared to touch his garment. His heart bled for the beautiful young man bound in chains because of the abundance of demons in him.

In his simplicity, he neither placed burdens on them nor required of them an act of works based on law but he released them from sin’s curse. Your faith has made you whole – he said to the woman with the issue of blood. I do not condemn you, he uttered cheerfully to the adulterous lady. Talitha cumi, he whispered into the ear of Jarius’ daughter. He called forth the dead from the grave and displayed to the undeserving amazing grace.

Confounding the wise, startling the prattling fools who in their arrogance believe they alone are the fount of knowledge. He walked among us and walked with us. Yet we knew him not. For He was a simple kind of God. He came, Grace and Truth. He came, Grace which is Truth. And you shall know the Truth. And you shall know Grace and Grace sets you free. No by works of the law, by power or might for we are constantly falling apart.

The Gospel is this: Christ came without invitation. Christ died without our suggestion. Christ loved first even when we were chasing shadows in death’s valley. He loves even when we spit in his face, rip his clothes from his back. He loves even when we hold the hammer and drive the nails through his hands. He loves even when we look at him and despite not finding fault we send him off to be crucified. He loves even when we mock and revel in his pain.

@Maro_A tweeted: “…in Him all things hold together.” Col 1:17 … Perfect harmony with Jesus at the centre!

So that we may no longer fall apart. So that we may no longer claim that the center doesn’t hold… Jesus became the center of it all. Even at the Cross he stood, naked and not ashamed in between two thieves. This is the simplicity of the gospel. It is not hell or judgment. It is not fear or condemnation. It is not tithes of coins and time. It is not hourly prayers or vigils. It is not scholarly scriptural research. It is not vocal dexterity in the place of worship. The Gospel is this: IMMANUEL – God with us.

No longer at odds when we walk that narrow road from the Cross of Grace to the Throne of Grace. No longer at odds when we look upon his beautiful face.

The gospel is simple. Jesus the Anointed One already did it all. He paid the price in full, then paid some more. For God so loved that He gave – He has already given. Will you receive? You don’t need to ask him to give. He has already given.

Will you receive? You don’t have to beg and plead, trying to cajole him to give. He has already given. Will you RECEIVE Christ today?


Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

6 thoughts on “This Simple Gospel

  1. The steadfast love of the Lord never ceaseth, His mercies never come to an end and they are renewed every morning. That is why He is God and all He wants from us is a Contrite Heart (Ps. 51)


  2. All that can be summed up in these words “salvation can never be achieved, it can only be received. Thanks bro for these “gospelic” words


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