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Me: Jesus, where do wolves go to get their clothes?

Jesus: this is so easy, I’ll let JMD answer it.
JMD: -________- ahn ahn! Isssnor fair oo. Thou oh Lord knows all.

Jesus (pops collar): true, true
Me: -____- guys please… I need to write a poem!!!

Jesus: ahaha! Okay they shop at woolsworth -___-
Me: baba oooo!!! X_X Rhema of life!
JMD (looks at Jesus): that’s how He rolls…

Jesus: Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

JMD: Baring their fangs, they say welcome to Zion. Unknown to you, the place is really a den of lions

Fear the Dark Wolf

Le Poem:-

Today I saw some wolves dressed in sheep clothing
Coming out of wools-worth, they had gone shopping
They anticipated that the sheep could be led astray
Straight into their cooking pots to be served on silver trays

Today I saw some wolves leaving bible seminary
The building was a rundown, dilapidated, dirty-looking cemetery.
Driven by greed with hearts hardened like a tombstone
They spoke with words rotten to the very bone.

Today I saw some wolves with their fingers in the church purse
Exchanging the gold of God’s glory for fickle dross
Bankrupt altars and fattened bank accounts
Their members dismembered while they live like dukes and counts.

Today I saw some wolves with gold watches and silver timepieces
Yet unable to decipher the times or discern seasons of war and peace
With an appearance of godliness yet denying the power
Their souls scaly white like the skin of a leper.

Today I saw some wolves bow down to a golden calf
Round their necks was Potiphar’s wife’s scarf
They had ceased to pray for fear of the lions’ den
To them Jezebel was more pleasurable than Eden

Today I saw some wolves looking prim and proper
They had just had lamb stew for dinner
They claimed – welcome to a new level of super grace
Callously they had deceived the flock to their face.

Today I saw some wolves walking down Cain avenue
Their eyes fastened not on souls but church revenue
Running greedily after Balaam’s folly and Korah’s woe
Bending the truth to avoid stepping on toes.

Today I saw some wolves masked as sheep
On church boards and council of elders, oh I weep!
For while men dreamt and were lost in sleep
the big bad wolf came and planted weeds.



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Please check out my book here

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

19 thoughts on “Wolfstreet

  1. Oh this was just beautiful! Yes, there are so many wolves out there. We see them every day. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. The poetic vibe made it fun. God bless u dear. More grace 🙂


  2. Having an appearance of Godliness yet denying the power therein. Also bending the truth to avoid stepping on toes. Those two lines jumped out at me.


  3. Jezebel more pleasurable than Eden. Sighs!!! Bending the truth to avoid stepping on toes, double sigh!!. Thought provoking. Thank you JMD


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