I woke up with the words
“I love you”, on my lips
Then a touch on my shoulder on sitting straight
Smoothly brushed my right shoulder in a caress

The same blood-stained hands!

You almost did scare me!

They didn’t seem to have ever been pierced
Enough for the ‘crimson flow’ to gush out easily
I wiped out the corner of my lower lip
Free from the liquid of sweet-sleep

“Can I have this dance?”

So insistent, yet lovingly tender
How beautiful and natural the strands of his hair were!
He didn’t need wisps of hair smoothed off, no wisps!
I could’ve said
“Seems you’ve had your bath”
Now I know why

“Firstborn from the dead, lives never to die anymore”
Large, grace-filled eyes easily gathered rivers

He took my hand in a dance I’d never known
No thanks to not being a dance-person
Without definite beat or music that I heard
His heart’s beat would’ve been sufficient.

One thing was needful, to be raptured
Enclosed within the tenderness of his arms
Chances had always presented themselves
To be alone, and listen without uttering a word

But I couldn’t bear it that such a devotion
Would take away my right to do what I wanted

I played along, fast yet lost
Yes, I was lost!

I afterwards had the strength I needed
For the intricate issues of the same day
When I yielded to his voice of love
I watched us both, all smiles
A smile parted my lips, too

I stepped back a bit, like air, and
Sated with the sweetness and tranquil
Air of his definite presence
“I won’t ever leave you
You’ll always hear me speak
If you listen and search deep within”

He was gone
My face turned sour
Then I whispered his name again
I went away, then hearing within me
“Keep your peace, Beloved”
I smiled at his words, all the more searching
Within and without for the inscriptions
Of his living speech carved in men’s handwritings

By Nifemi

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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