I saw God today!

I haven’t travelled far so I have learnt to find God in minute details. Like the way the fan spins or the fluttering of a cockroach’s wings – JMD When I heard JMD say this, my mind went into overdrive and I began to think. I have travelled far in my imagination. In my travels, I stood on the craggy slopes of Sinai and sat with Moses and the elders as they feasted with God. I played the earliest form of chess with Jonah and discussed the philosophy of ants with Solomon. Truth be told the first and last time I entered a plane was in Nursery school so JMD’s comment startled me. Man’s mind takes him places, opens him up to adventures that he might never physically experience. My mind has taken me to the romance-laced streets of Paris where I penned my first love poem to a stranger I have never and might never see. This same mind

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Luci D’Foe

They say he dances azonto with destinies The scheming destroyer derailing youths with the vial of iniquities With motley of plagues, sicknesses from malaria to STDs He hops in and out, corrupting families   He dangles a drink that glints red like a enchantress’ lips It’s just a little sin… C’mon just one sip Yet the hangman’s noose is firmly in his grip Hidden from sight is his scourging whip   Cartoons portray him as goat-like, Amber red and with blackened teeth Sorrows trail closely, everywhere he places his feet. Trickster, swindler – he is the father of tricks Searching for whom to destroy everyday of the week   Once a minister of melody, robed in light so bright Behold pride crept in and stripped him off his glorious light For he thought a thought so repugnant and vile To oust Zion’s King and take the place of the MOST HIGH   He was in Eden clad in serpentine skin

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The end is closer than we think It could all end faster than we can blink Don’t be deceived by the devil’s wink His seductive glance or methods so sleek The earth we know is at its brink Slippery slippery it’s almost an ice rink Days are dark and nights dreary and bleak Our futile efforts can’t fix this leak Satan’s been there, done that – he is the father of tricks Thinking you can party with him and still win, dude get out quick God is not mean, He is not some sadistic freak There’s a WAY of escape for the sick who will seek Grace I tell you, grace more vast than the Pacific The message of grace so true, it’s terrific Works of the law are vain, they reek Your righteousness is a rag – wow that’s tragic Jesus SAVES… He is heaven’s PARAMEDIC For Love He emptied himself of glory, for you He took a risk Doctors ain’t

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