The end is closer than we think
It could all end faster than we can blink
Don’t be deceived by the devil’s wink
His seductive glance or methods so sleek

The earth we know is at its brink
Slippery slippery it’s almost an ice rink
Days are dark and nights dreary and bleak
Our futile efforts can’t fix this leak

Satan’s been there, done that – he is the father of tricks
Thinking you can party with him and still win, dude get out quick
God is not mean, He is not some sadistic freak
There’s a WAY of escape for the sick who will seek

Grace I tell you, grace more vast than the Pacific
The message of grace so true, it’s terrific
Works of the law are vain, they reek
Your righteousness is a rag – wow that’s tragic

Jesus SAVES… He is heaven’s PARAMEDIC
For Love He emptied himself of glory, for you He took a risk
Doctors ain’t meant for the okay dudes, they are meant for the sick
For those on their knees, not those chilling on Pride’s peaks

So the first step here is admit your sins – be meek
He accepts everyone, African or Asian, Jew or Greek
Don’t fret, don’t fear come to Him, take His drink
NOW Relax! your name is written with heaven’s indelible ink

Tell your friends “hey I’ve got this link”
To a Saviour whose ARK unlike the Titanic WILL never sink
Don’t just stand by as the clock ticks
Get your peeps unhooked from hell’s blackmagic

Life or death, light or darkness – It’s left for you to pick
You are either clothed in glory finer than silk
Or clad in rags of shame that stink
Choose wisely my friend and come taste of heaven’s milk

Believe JESUS today AND Join His Clique

Written on 2nd September 2012 by Heaven’s geek…

He roams on twitter as @dami_maverick

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

21 thoughts on “Clique

  1. *begins slow clap! Dami has done it again! You are really a literary gem for the body of Christ! As always, I’ll be at the end of that queue for the novel! God bless you, and may more Words of His truth flow forth from you, and shine more light in the darkness, amen!


  2. Hmmmmmn! First time, I must confess, that I’m reading your article through to the last word!…
    We all need this at the back of our palms!
    Am blessed!
    More grace sire!


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