Luci D’Foe

They say he dances azonto with destinies

The scheming destroyer derailing youths with the vial of iniquities

With motley of plagues, sicknesses from malaria to STDs

He hops in and out, corrupting families


He dangles a drink that glints red like a enchantress’ lips

It’s just a little sin… C’mon just one sip

Yet the hangman’s noose is firmly in his grip

Hidden from sight is his scourging whip


Cartoons portray him as goat-like, Amber red and with blackened teeth

Sorrows trail closely, everywhere he places his feet.

Trickster, swindler – he is the father of tricks

Searching for whom to destroy everyday of the week


Once a minister of melody, robed in light so bright

Behold pride crept in and stripped him off his glorious light

For he thought a thought so repugnant and vile

To oust Zion’s King and take the place of the MOST HIGH


He was in Eden clad in serpentine skin

To follow through on his plan, the fool thought he could win

Cast down from heaven, shamed and defeated

His new goal was to bite the heel of the man God had created


The temper’s plot was simple and well contrived

Steal, Kill and destroy so no spawn of Zion would survive

Adam Version One point zerO fell for his lies

And so our travails began, EARTH became the Blind man’s Isle


In Adam Version Two he would meet his demise

Truth, David’s Root had come to destroy all his lies

He made a gamble – he would snuff out Messiah’s life

And thus preserve his reign of tyranny and strife


At the hill of skulls (Calvary) he made a faux pas

Attempting to murder the one betrayed by Judas

As the nails pierced Yeshua’s carpals, he moonwalked and danced

Finally he roared at heaven finally I have the last laugh.


He mocked, he scoffed, and he derided the Lord

Thirty measly coins, the price for the so-called WORD

Stupid old devil ignorant of his final reward

Laughed because he thought he had slain the Light of the world


He rolled in ecstasy as he held Immanuel in chains

IF only Satan had known that this was all in vain

Till today he licks the festering wound and yelps in pain

Because the Anointed One BROKE FREE from death’s restraints


They call him Beelzebub the busy bumblebee

He prowling the streets, spreading his seed

To entice, entangle as many as he can see

Those unmarked by the blood of the Offspring of David


The allure of wealth and power seems a verdant vista

But don’t be fooled, he is just an old chronic twister

Nothing he gives comes without a hefty price tag

You be balling today, next you’d be just a worthless rag


Give no room to the flesh, close up those wall-cracks

Put on the arsenal of HEAVEN and attack

Resist the devil and he will flee from you

For he is just a puny pseudo-lion from hell’s fiery zoo


Written by @damilar3

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

20 thoughts on “Luci D’Foe

  1. Woo. My punchline “You be balling today, next you’d be just a worthless rag

    Give no room to the flesh, close up those wall-cracks”. Nice piece. Thought provoking!


  2. the Style…

    Simple analysis on Luci D’Foe
    Enough to help the people KNOW
    This is no foe to give a HOME

    It is sad, school is almost taking a lot of my time #sadFACE. Sharing has become almost impossible too. God help me and us all. Wonderful post SIRS. God bless.


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