I saw God today!

I haven’t travelled far so I have learnt to find God in minute details. Like the way the fan spins or the fluttering of a cockroach’s wings – JMD

When I heard JMD say this, my mind went into overdrive and I began to think. I have travelled far in my imagination. In my travels, I stood on the craggy slopes of Sinai and sat with Moses and the elders as they feasted with God. I played the earliest form of chess with Jonah and discussed the philosophy of ants with Solomon. Truth be told the first and last time I entered a plane was in Nursery school so JMD’s comment startled me. Man’s mind takes him places, opens him up to adventures that he might never physically experience.

My mind has taken me to the romance-laced streets of Paris where I penned my first love poem to a stranger I have never and might never see. This same mind was the culprit bundling me into a middle-eastern caravan as I rummaged for ideas on an easter poem celebrating the anniversary of the Resurrection Man. God’s word opened up to me when I closed my eyes. I refused to see as men saw. I refused to take the Word as mere letters but decided for myself to plunge into their inky depths and explore everything. To leave no stone unturned particularly as I walked through the ruins of the Wall of Jericho where I believe Humpty Dumpty had his great fall.

Maybe that’s why I write so much about the bible. Maybe that’s why I can’t seem to get enough of His love. It is a rich jungle teeming with possibility. I sat front-row to the Creation, one of the greatest movies ever, second only to the blockbuster – The Resurrection Man. You can’t prove otherwise but I have seen things that scholars, theologians of repute haven’t even seen. I have kissed the face of God.

But not only in the bible but on the busy streets of Lagos. In the smile of the cross-eyed beggar as a crimpled Fifty Naira note caresses his fingers, in the tear-stained face of a mother embracing her son who just returned from National service. From the buzzing medley of the mesonoxian mosquito skitting listlessly through the torrid night air to the thundering din of the twinkling stars I have seen God in the oddest detail. Once I even saw Him in the creases of my bed sheet. I saw His hand in the entropy of my workstation, in the haphazard goodbye kiss my ex-girlfriend gave me as I travelled to Bayelsa for service. He is everywhere.

The earnest expectation of ALL creation is the manifestation of SONS.

There is perfection encoded in Nature. Somehow God grafted a sequence of healing into the earth that even the hardened ‘babalawo’ seemingly far-flung from the umbrella of the so-called ‘Christian Church’ manages to conjure up a fluid as rancid as urine but with as much potency as ‘artesunate’. Have you held an iPhone in your hand, or felt the breeze lick your skin as you stand poised at the edge of a waterfall, there is majesty in simplicity and beauty in complexity.

Everything gives off a singular signature – God’s signature. His hand is so heavy on the earth that you would need someone to help you not see it. There are no atheists in foxholes.. Have you seen God today?

Sometimes we try so hard to find God when all the while He was the one knocking on our front door. He is the Way. That blood-stained path that you have ignored for so long, that road drenched in the blood that sings in timbres of triumph was paved for you. Even in your weakness, at the point where everything seems stacked against you, when the proverbial straw is about to be placed on the proverbial camel’s back and all hell is about to break loose, even in that moment His grace is sufficient.

Yes! His Grace is sufficient and Hid in Christ… Yes! God’s picture is clearly seen in Christ who is the express image of His person. I try to imagine if my conceptualizing of the Father could ever be possible without the Son. In Him we move and have our being. Whoossshhh!!! And the Father is waiting, longing for us to return Home and see ourselves as He sees us. He is waiting for us to be the light that others yearn for. Oh my!!!

In Christ we see God fully! How magnificent that the Saviour’s sweetly spiced, succinct sentences and strong statements sent Satan’s squad scampering. Do you not marvel or stand astonished by Christ deafening roar that shatters the very gates of hell (This is the first scene in the Movie – The Resurrection Man)…

“And again he entered into Capernaum after some days; and it was noised that he was in the house. And straightway many were gathered together, insomuch that there was no room to receive them, no, not so much as about the door: and he preached the word unto them.” – Mark 2:1-2

Disclaimer: This is not the full post and this one is riddled with lexical landmines so read cautiously… Oops… This disclaimer should have come first. Well if you skipped to the end -___- kindly go back up.

Please answer this question in the comment section. Have you seen God today?

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Dedicated to @eloxie @ogetours @ikeamadi @opeeee_ @volturi_Lord @I_am_doxa @nifemi_love @krystie_bee @eBunite @damstylee and @shinobi_ennri … I Love and Appreciate you guys.

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– @damilar3

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

17 thoughts on “I saw God today!

  1. I saw God today, on the sleeping face of a Christian struggling with a besetting sin, I saw His mercy. (And what Topazo said too)
    This is a beautiful piece! I love how you’re passionate about Jesus, it’s infectious. 🙂


  2. God in the oddest detail. I felt Him, I even touched Him. In the midst of four students in a bus. They were communicating, nodding at one another. It took me a while before I realized they were dumb. And yet they were happy, their faces lighting up at messages I couldn’t decipher. Nice post, well woven words. Thank you, this blessed me beyond words.


  3. The way you write is beautiful, I covet it *coversface* and yes, I saw God’s signature all over this post from the very first letter now to the last, even in the comment box.
    I saw God just now, he’s right here in me, with me, at my front, in my family, on the street, on twitter and even facebook. God is everywhere.

    Majesty in simplicity and beauty in complexity? Wow!


  4. I see God in the beauty of the skies, my daughter’s smile, the wind that blows all around me. And I see God here, in this piece. Keep the fire burning.


  5. It’s impossible not to see God after reading this, his presence overwhelms us and you have jus made it all the more overwhelming with this beautifully Crafted piece, Bless bro


  6. Woah! It is impossible not to see God after reading this piece. I see and I feel Him all around me with such an extravagant fragrance


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