A Million Suns

You stand eternal; the uncreated One who knows no end. The starry wonders, the vast expanses are bound to your command. You shine like a million suns ablaze, wrapped in eternal light and praise.

Jesus the First, the Last, the Bright, the Morning Star

 You spoke creation into existence, life and all we are. Beyond all measure… the universe is an echo of your power (Everlasting, Never ending). You will reign forevermore. You are holy. You are worthy, Lord of all

Hello guys, this is not a song review. I decided to listen REPEATEDLY and CONSCIOUSLY to EVERY SONG from my favourite gospel group of ALL TIME! – HILLSONG. I will write articles, poems and stories themed about the song titles as led by the Spirit. LET US HAVE FUN! (It would be nice if you downloaded the track and listened as you read)

Track 1 : A Million Suns


He stands in eternity and orchestrates the emergence of the first world order by the simplicity of two things: His Word and His Spirit. At the very beginning we see the harmony of the Holy Spirit hovering over the face of the deep and the spoken Word. His lips form the words “Let there be light” and from the chaos, clarity emerges. He speaks and out of the darkness light bursts forth breaking the bars of eternal night.

In the beginning was the word and the word was God. This ought to silence critics who toss emotionally threaded opinions in attempts to diminish the ministry of the son. The word is God. This song describes him as the one who shines as a million suns ablaze. Imagine the sun at high noon, when the scorching heat pierces into your skin… now take that effect and multiply it by a million degrees.

Jesus is seen in scripture in a multitude of ways. From the gentle teacher whose loving touch warms the dead and atrophying skin of Jairus’ daughter to the raging preacher who chases the moneylenders and charlatans from out of the temple. He is the minister of Grace whose garment hem contained enough healing virtue to reverse the sickness of over twenty years. He is also the passionate friend whose voice tore the veil of death and pulled out Lazarus from the clutches of the grave.

Walk in the LIGHT
Walk in the LIGHT

All this is because He is the Sun of Righteousness who rises from the “middle-east” (Lol) with healing in his wings. Does David not say that we ought to abide under the shadow of his wings? Even Isaiah speaks of an emerging light that possessed enough vitality to cause those that dwelt in the ravine of hell’s shadow to rise and stand tall. Paul remarks surely still feeling the effect of the Damascus Encounter that we behold in a glass and are transformed by this Light!

A million suns? Jesus is the brightness of God’s glory. He is the very zenith of all of God’s ability. The remarkable thing is that this position is eternal. Just as everything in our solar system revolves about the sun, Jesus pulls everything around him. He is in the midst and everything is bound to his command. You don’t believe? Ask Moses of the time he stretched a simple rod and an entire river parted. Or ask Elijah of that memorable day when fire fell from heaven as rain. Ask the countless who dared to believe and received their sight, hearing and restoration of strength.

He spoke and creation emerged. The universe is the echo of his power. Some who pride themselves as intellectual consider that they emerged from a pot of primordial broth after a cataclysmic eruption. Regrettably they have been blinded to the point that they consider their ancestry to be from monkeys! No! A thousand times NO! John says as Christ is so are we! Why? Because at the cross God’s Word orchestrated another World Order… the Order of King-Priests , men and women who are termed as God’s Righteousness in Christ.

Therefore if Christ is the brightness of God’s glory, even brighter than a million suns then what does that make you? …

I will leave you to ponder this.

P.S when you know who you ARE in CHRIST… NO demon in hell can contradict it….

Please download and listen to Ijo Ope by @Kunle_kenny

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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