Abba Father

Hello guys, this is not a song review. I decided to listen REPEATEDLY and CONSCIOUSLY to EVERY SONG from my favourite gospel group of ALL TIME! – HILLSONG. I will write articles, poems and stories themed about the song titles as led by the Spirit. LET US HAVE FUN! (It would be nice if you downloaded the track and listened as you read)


Song: Abba, Father

Abba, Father, how I love you. Strong hands guide me. A voice that soothes me and I’m coming to your open arms again. The more I know you, the more I love you. The more I need to worship and adore you. Yes I’m coming to your open arms again. Abba Father you know I love you. You know I need to worship and adore you.

I’m coming to your steadfast love again. Yes I’m running to your steadfast love again.

How I love you. How I adore you. Earnestly I seek your face and listen to your voice. Precious Savior ~ my lips will praise you and all I have with all I am. I will love you, I will love you. No greater love than yours. How I need you more than all you manifest. You know the deepest prize of my longing heart.

Can mortal man be any brasher than the Christian who dares to reckon the Supreme Head of Heaven as a father? Is it not religious tomfoolery to regard one’s self as the children of the Creator of the cosmos as though the Divine One would have time to start a family? (P.S Read Ephesians 3:14-16)

Does science not teach us that we are the scrawny fruitage from a pool of primordial pottage? Ask your local atheist, we are mere descendants of apes, distant cousins to the orangutan; we are not the offspring of Adonai not as the Holy Writ tells us. Check your DNA, examine your pulse… you are a red-blooded, warm-blooded homo sapiens with a genetic makeup that closely resembles that of the bonobo.

In 1991, the Pulitzer prize-winning ecologist Jared Diamond called humans “the third chimpanzee” setting us alongside the common chimp (Pan Troglodytes) and its less aggressive but astoundingly promiscuous cousin, the bonobo (Pan Paniscus)

If Atheists wrote Genesis
If Atheists wrote Genesis


The one whose voice set a bush ablaze and did not consume it, is it this being that we consider in the paternal light? They call Him a consuming fire so is it not safer to approach with fear and trembling, to creep into his presence with heads bowed as low as to be in between our knees? Can you hug a flame and not be irreversibly burnt?

Behold the foolhardiness of the believer who considers himself heir of God’s kingdom! What unmitigated nonsense! What business does the God of all creation have to do with measly worms? To think that one whose cogitations are carnal as a street dog should even suggest that God is his father is ludicrous.


What does the Spirit in us say? He cries “DADDY! DADDY!” The believer’s cry is one of sonship. What is the joyful noise of the man in Christ? It is this: I have a daddy! I am a son (/daughter – to be politically correct)! This is the heart cry of the man redeemed! This is the music and melody of the man translated from darkness to light.

When God wanted to create the fish, he looked to the sea. When he wanted to create creeps, he looked to the earth. When He wanted to create me, he could look nowhere else but to Himself. – Anon

The man Jesus stood in the midst of the people. Then he prayed a prayer. The disciples looked at him with wonder. There was none of the exaggerated theatrics of the Pharisees; none of his words were laced with pomposity. He spoke with a power that seemed to emerge from within Him and around Him. He spoke as one would speak to one’s Father. Without showmanship Jesus addressed God as Father. He was comfortable in his approach neither seeking to impress or dazzle any with his intimacy. He said “Our Father in Heaven” and with those words quells any questions as to GOD’s desire for fellowship with man.

It is not brashness or bravado that makes the Christian sing “I have a father, almighty father”. It is neither demeaning to God nor does it diminish His might. Rather it is the glory of God to commune with man. Do we not see God walking in the cool of the day seeking his man? Doesn’t scripture tell us that “this is eternal life that they may know you…”? God longs for us to return to Him as the prodigal son did. He longs even more for us to recognize that all that He possesses from the meat in Thousand Cattles on the Hill Factory to the gold in the Treasury of the Earth belongs to us because we are His children.



He knows the depths of my heart. He knows the tears that run from my eyes. THERE IS NO GREATER LOVE THAN HIS FOR US! Oh to know and believe the Love that the FATHER has for us. Was it not in his darkest hour that Jesus kneels in Gethsemane and prays “Abba, Father, all things are possible for you.” Even the Spirit in the believer cries out “Abba, Father.” The Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God, that we are heirs of God and Joint-heirs with Christ.


It is not stupidity that we cling to Him for life. It is not naiveté that makes us believe in someone Greater than all the sums of evil present on the earth. It is not foolhardiness or blindness that makes us cry out “Precious Saviour!!!” It is not ignorant or lack of mental capacity that causes our lips to quiver in worship!

We come into His open arms without fear,

To the one who numbers all our greying hair

We come to Him for we know HE cares

For He is our Father His Love overcomes our fears (JMD)

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

27 thoughts on “Abba Father

  1. Beautifully put. Sometimes it is hard to grasp just how big our God is…but that is half the journey of our walk in Christ. Our walk is a journey to understanding who we are, understanding what it means to be an heir to the kingdom and understanding our place in the cosmos of God’s creation


  2. The Spirit of adoption by which we cry ‘Abba Father’. Access! Relationship! Fellowship! Timeless and yet amazing truth expressed so beautifully. God bless you for being such a blessing.


  3. The Spirit bears witness with our spirit!!!! Confirmed! With no shadow of doubt cos the Light of this Truth shines brighter than A Mill..Hahaha..

    The fullness of love in calling us His own AND THEN making us His Heirs just as Jesus, the Precious Lamb, is.
    The Ultimate!

    It’s gotta be love!
    GOD Bless Yhu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Abba!! When I cry Abba, it is from a place of understanding His love for me as a Father. Never ceases to amaze me. Such a beautiful thing. Thank you sharing this.
    P.S. Hillsong is my favourite band ever!


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