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Track 7: Adonai

I lift my voice, I lift my praise to You. I lift my hands, I lift my worship to You and I love You more than I can say. Adonai, see only You will I adore. Glorify my Lord, only You will I serve. For the world will fade away, still my song to You remains. Only You will I adore. Yes Lord. Oh, I love You always

The world and all her trinkets will rust. Human edifices are established subject to entropy and will always fail. For men are born broken. Sin’s handwriting, the cursive of the curse speaks relentlessly against Eve’s sons. From the day men turned their backs on the Tree of Life and courted the merchant of deception the earth was wired for destruction. Thus it is but a fatal fantasy for men to place their trust on the arm of flesh and believe that there will be a bountiful harvest. It is a tragedy that high hopes will crumble when they are erected on the foundation of low-life mortal promises and covenants cut in the tainted blood of Cain. Like flowers of the field the world will surely fade away BUT sadly many remain tethered to the tree of death, sin rules over their affairs. Upon their head is a hoary crown of horror and the soles of their feet festers with sores, yet they remain servants to the house of hell.

Chained to Lust? Be FREE
Chained with Lust’s trinkets? Be FREE

But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord – Joshua, son of Nun.

Why is the name “Lord” the name that is above every name? Why not any one of the other titles? Or why not another name entirely? These questions have several answers, but the most important is that the title identifies the Lord Jesus Christ with God. The truth is easily seen in both the Greek and Hebrew usage of the word. The Greek word for Lord is kurios, the word used by citizens of the Roman empire to acknowledge the divinity of Caesar. This title was never used of the emperors until they were thought to be deified through a religious ceremony; therefore, it was used as a divine title. Within the empire there was a test phrase used to check the loyalty of the people. It was Kyrios Kaiser, and it meant “Caesar is Lord.”Christians who would not say these words were later singled out from pagans and executed. In those days when a Christian insisted that Jesus is Lord he meant that Jesus, not Caesar, is divine. The same meaning is present when the word occurs in Hebrew, only more so. The Hebrew word is Adonai. It is a title somewhat like our “sir,” but it assumed an extraordinary importance in Hebrew speech because in practice it replaced the personal name of God, Jehovah. No Jew pronounced the word “Jehovah,” even when reading the Bible. Instead he said, “Adonai.” (Boice, J. M.. Philippians : An Expositional Commentary. Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker Books)

Fleeting pleasures, passing fancies cannot compare to the Love bestowed on us by the Crucified Christ who sits in eternity exalted above all the systems of the world. For an ornamental headgear he wore a bloodied crown plaited from the thorns of what scholars believe to be a rosebush. Adonai was adorned with the iniquities of the world. It was on the platform, stripped naked before eternity that He obtained bragging rights for us all. If the world will fade then surely the House of the Lord must stand firm and unflinching. It was on this cross two thousand years ago (to men) but in the eternal past (with God) that the sure foundation of the Grace of God was laid. By reason of his victory over death and hell He was exalted and given a name that is above every name – that at the name of JESUS every knee should bow. HE IS LORD!!!

In the Septuagint (LXX) Adonai (and Jehovah) are translated with the same Greek noun kurios (see word study) which signifies sovereign power, supreme authority, absolute ownership. In the NT, Jesus is referred to <20 times as Saviour (soter) and over 700 times as Lord (kurios)! When the two titles are mentioned together, Lord always precedes Saviour

Many are ready to acknowledge God as Elohim, but have a hard time truly given themselves to Him as Adonai. Remembering that Christ is Adonai, calling Him Adonai requires that we give up our self-sufficiency and personal control and give Him complete reign over our lives. Yet, it is only when we know Christ as Adonai that I experience His full sufficiency and power for my life. Jesus stated this truth in John 8:31, 32. Paul articulated the difference knowing God as Adonai makes in Romans 6:16-18. Commitment and unconditional submission to the will of God ought to be the norm for every one of His children. Paul was able to say, “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (Phillipians 1:21).

Bow before the King
Bow before the King

Though the governments of the earth gather to take counsel against the Christ they are bound to fail. Even if they assemble to wage a war against the who crowned with Grace and robed in Light everlasting their plans are but wisps of the wind. That is why I chose to serve Him alone. It is that simple… it is the highest privilege that can be conferred on mortal: to be called into fellowship and communion with the Lord, to be invited to dine and wine with the Fairest of ten thousand thousands. We bring our sacrifices, we bring our offerings to the throne only because the Glorified and Exalted one first loved us. He extended his grace to us on a platter of blood. Grace is that language that the Sovereign Lord speaks to us. As Lord over us, He is intimately concerned with every detail that you face. He knows the hairs on your head, the freckles on your face. He knows what you will be doing on February 14…

We are not Lilliputians in Life. We are not mere grasshoppers hopping, hoping and praying that the hands of the giants do not snatch us. We are kings and priests according to the order of Eternal Righteousness but we must not forget that we owe our Kingship to the fact that He is Lord. Do we sing “He is Lord, He is Lord, Amen … He has risen from the dead…He is Lord… Every knee shall bow…” and yet live our lives like those ignorant of His Lordship? Do we claim that every knee shall bow yet we remain poised on our feet in stubbornness, unflinching in our stance that we will direct the affairs of our lives without his input. Do we say with lips pursed in vexation that every tongue will confess that He is Lord and yet run our mouths like uncouth sailors whenever the tide of life is unfavourable or the dish that each day serves is unpalatable?

Many times we find ourselves fettered with fear. We are as Peter who beholds the raging seas and loses his focus on Christ. We have walked so far in the Light, we are about to reach the Master’s side and yet we begin to sink because we lose sight of the TRUTH that He is Lord over the elements. Will we like Jacob find our limp and rest assured in the arms of His Lordship?





I trust my barber ... Do you?
I trust my barber … Do you?

Today we MUST choose the Life entrenched in the WORD over the pernicious philosophies of the world. There is a balm in Gilead, there is a vault of treasure in Christ. That we call Him Lord means we are totally souled out to Him. From the crown of our heads to the sole of our feet we are living for HIM because He died for us. That we call HIM LORD is a symbol, a sign of our relationship. We serve Him out of the abundance of the Love that He is lavishing (NOTE: Present Continuous) on us. Do not write off those who live in this way as the fanatics, the super saints, the ones whose duty it is to live that life because they are called to full-time service of some sort. It is the relationship we all have to God as Adonai!

How will you bend your knee – and your will – to Adonai today?

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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