Zion’s Anthem

For those who take their garri with honey…. like me

On a hill far away a glorious anthem was raised, 
Against the backdrop of demons hassling and the sound of hecklers in the crowd,
In spite of the unmitigated mockery  
Despite the spite and spit tossed at the King

Every verse reverberating through the universe, 
Stirring up a storm, sweeping through the darkening streets, 
Adonai strummed a chord of compassion for mankind
Twas a serenade in the midst of two thieves, 

A sonnet by the Son who had cast a net, 
That singular stir that ripped the veil through and through 
On a cross a dying man’s last breath 
It was an anthem that would tear through time, 

The anthem that would echo through the halls of eternity!!!! 
For He said, “Father forgive them!!!”
With tones and timbres soaked in Grace
semibreves and crochets dipped in compassion, a medley of mercy and love….

I dare you to listen to Redemption’s chord, 
They thought they had snuffed out the song,
Thinking they had silenced the melody they danced
But from the grave Zion’s anthem began on a greater scale, 
Life emerged with a glorious shout and calmed our aches and pains.

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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