All about Him

Disclaimer: These are not song reviews. They are articles birthed from hours meditating on the spiritual and scriptural truths contained in Hillsong Tracks. You will listen to the same tracks and get totally different interpretations but the beauty of it is that Christ is revealed. Click here to Enjoy other Tracks in the project

Track 13: All about you (Written by Abdul Masih)


We were made for his good pleasure

In clay pots like us he puts his greatest treasure

Christ – Dying to stop sin’s epileptic seizures

Oh! What a love without limits, love without measure

We are fashioned by His eternal will

Driven to perfection with His Spirit at the wheel

He purchased us, yes! He paid the bill

Leading us into Zion by rivers calm and still


We were transported from darkness in light

Blood and Spirit flowed and we received sight

His Eternal Light pierces the spooky shadow of night

Love brings the dawn, casting away dewdrops of fright

We are grafted into the plushest of vines

Richly supplied with all that is Divine

Drunk with the Living Spirit, and not lethal wine

Delving deep into the glories of Heaven’s mine


We are packed chock-full with all of Him

Dispensers of the Glory, we are filled to the brim

So no matter how frail or mortal we may seem

We are Live-wires – not subject to the devil’s whims


We are drenched in the oils of Chevron* and washed

Planted in the Garden of Eden – magnificent and lush

Garrisoned by angels unlike candy we can’t be crushed

So we march in triumphant, death and hell is hushed


We see Grace fall from Zion as mountain dew

Many are called and we are among the chosen few

For the chosen generation born anew

We bring Him glory whether Greek, Yoruba or Jew.

(To be continued)

*Chevron is the how “Hebron” is pronounced in Hebrew and means “togetherness” or fellowship

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

12 thoughts on “All about Him

  1. “So no matter how frail or mortal we may seem
    We are Live-wires – not subject to the devil’s whims”

    That!?? Powerful.

    All the wordplay is just altogether illuminating!!!!

    I LOVE IT!


  2. ‘Behold what manner of love, the Father as given unto us’. This right here captures the Father’s love succintly. God bless you


  3. This is such an extravagant adornment of dusts that we are; puntuated by the revelation of the paradigm of value placed on us…
    This can’t be said to be beautiful but beauty itself.
    Each verse is a message on its own…. Well done for being attentive to the sounds of God.


  4. If I say I want to give a literary comment like SayWilhelm’s, I would fumble…but with the little words I can come up with I would ask this, like someone once asked concerning Asa:
    Dami, are you a lyrical genius?


  5. Behold what manner of love the father had bestow upon us that we should me called ‘The Sons of God’…he is the author n finisher of our faith,without him we are all nothing,even when he never owed but he offered to pay for our debt….its all about Him


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