They said he leads us beside still waters,
Waters so calm that they resonate with the sweet breeze that sweeps through the hillside,
They said it is here that he restores our soul, and I wonder if He will touch me that way today,
My heart is an inferno of iniquity,
A raging well of unwellness… My matchbox is empty.
20 match sticks struck and tossed into the fire
My thoughts howl and bellow in rebellion

I hear his voice faintly, softly but I am unsure

Yes I need a touch from Him…
Perhaps like Zacchaeus I will climb to the top of a tree
And like a chanteuse with sincere poetry and a cracked voice-box
                          Call his attention to me…
But how can I? When like Lazarus I am stuck,
Stricken in my prime with the grime and slime of death
Trapped by the very bonds of the grave,

They say He is the reviver of dry and dead bones,
The one who reverses death and quenches the dearth – breathing new life into clay pots

Will I find ease today?


the wind picks up speed, the earth swells in anticipation
That voice again calls me,

“Come down Zacchaeus,
Come forth Lazarus,
Come boldly before me, He calls…
Do not fret,
I do not condemn you…”

His voice is gentle, every phrase is scented with the fragrance of his grace

I am stupefied! shock beyond words…

How? The one they call Life embraces my death…The one they call Holy Rabbi hugs me in my filth and shame...


Though I am undeserving
He invites me to a feast
But I have questions! –  What is on the menu?
What splendour adorns the pots and saucers?
Which kind of wine shall we taste?

I approach tentatively, unsure
For my rags are laced with the weight of my own efforts,
My eyes are clogged with logs of lust and beams of brokenness,
Then He takes hold of me,
By a still stream,
By waters babbling with joy, content and peace,

He sets a table before me…
He serves me with His Grace
“What is this?” I ask “surely no earthly restaurant can boast of such a cuisine”
He whispers into my ear and the word echoes in my heart
“Aruoriwo Oghene”
Welcome to my Rest and Refreshing,
Welcome to my Haven of Hope
Welcome to Ease and comfort…

Now! I feast daily…
For the Lord is my shepherd
I have no wants!

Happy Birthday ELOHO!!!

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

12 thoughts on “Eloho

  1. Awwwww, this is really nice. Eloho is indeed a very special somebody. And this is really thoughtful of you too. May she always enjoy stupendous grace.


  2. Awwwww, this is really nice. Eloho is indeed a very special somebody, she is inspiration personified. And this is so thoughtfull of you too. May she always enjoy Stupendous Grace.


  3. …still shaking my head at this stupendously beautiful n impressive post…HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELOHO…you are one of a kind sis,,one of a kind! God bless you!


  4. Wow!!!
    I’ve read this over and over and somehow not found the words to respond until now.

    Thank you Dami for this honour, I was speechless the first time I read it, awed more by the way it spoke to me and excited by your creativity as always. The Lord truly is my shepherd and I have no wants.
    I am excited at the intensely satisfying grace of God that my life is, grace that places people like you in my life so that I always find refreshing when I least expect it. God bless you for me.

    I see you all, Charles, Vikie, Tunrayo, Buqie, Demilhadey, Dr. Swag and Hopi and I am humbled by your love and inspired by your giving hearts. Thank you for sharing my day and for blessing me with such grace filled words. You all mean a lot to me and I sincerely appreciate you for reaching out and holding me up as often as you all have.
    God bless you.


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