Please Forgive Me



Judas walked to Jesus.

The coins sang a doleful tune in his pocket, a smile was locked away beneath the solemn frown plastered on his face. He was happy – at last, the teacher’s hands would be forced. He would have to summon those angels that he always spoke of, those fierce creatures who wouldn’t allow him dash his foot against the stone. He chuckled. Finally the Father would have to intervene after he had called him the apple of Yahweh’s eyes. 

The disciples stared confused. What was Judas doing with  a troop of Romans? What was happening? Peter gripped a knife tightly. He had sensed this but he didn’t expect it so soon. He would defend his rabbi to the end. He would kill them all  – after all he was called the little stone. He would grind them to dust. 

There was no doubt about it. Judas was about to make history – for all the wrong reasons… Every step closer to the teacher was an indictment against his soul but he was oblivious to this. His eyes were darkened, so much so that even the events of the past lost their meaning. The one who had comforted grieving mothers, healed tax collectors and Roman centurions, partied with wayward sons and broken wenches and loved small children was worth a mere 30 pieces of silver. 

Jesus turned, the shrill rubbing of coin against coin calling his attention. He had a smile on his face that startled Judas and He spoke …

“FRIEND, wherefore hath thou come”

I sat down in front of my laptop desk today speechless… 

EARLIER in the day, I had asked the question “what is Forgiveness?” of someone who I respected and the answer I got shocked me. (Please note that this is not a sly reference to #LIVE WIRE). Later on as I carried on the day’s activities I was buffeted by fingers pointing to my own blatant arrogance and self-conceit in spite of my moniker “Abdul Masih”. I quietly asked for help and enlightenment on the matter but rather than speak, the buffet-er merely shrugged my request aside and ignored me. 

I asked more questions…

1. What does “follow peace with all men” mean. Is it that we avoid confrontations at all cost or that we ignore people who are repentant

2. What does it mean to correct in Love. Will Paul’s public rebuke of Peter fail the Love Test

3. Why didn’t the Father of the prodigal son wait for the son to clean up before embracing him

and the one that really pierced me

4. Why were the people of Gadarenes so much concerned about the lost swine than about the lunatic who had just recovered. 

5. Am I less of a human being because my questions don’t have question marks. 

Christians make such a bold claim when we say that Jesus forgives (and for the Joseph Prince Generation “jpg” – has forgiven) all sins yet cannot seem to look past the erring (not earring) of a brother. I look back at several scandals that have rocked the church and I shudder at the fact that the ones leading the campaign of “stone the sinner” are Christians who by the very definition of their names have  been saved from this sin. 

Truth be told if we are this unforgiving to those who are members of our family, how much more those who are outside. In fact how can sinners trust that our God forgets sin if we can’t forgive ourselves.Don’t get me wrong – I have made no claim of perfection. In fact I have nursed a quiet grudge against several ladies who refused to be my boo. I have contemplated unfollowing and/or blocking quite a number of folks who have managed to cross me on social media….

Why can’t we just live in harmony? and if per chance that harmony is disrupted by pride or what-not, why don’t we simply re-align ourselves and press on in that harmony! the same harmony that marked that acts of the apostles?

We can be so caught up in our race to be knowledgeable that we lose sight of Love. True knowledge always uplifts. When faces are stranded on the roads of sorrow-ville and chalet du misery, the knowledge of Christ comes along to give a lift, driving tears away and taking you to JOY UNSPEAKABLE. 



Right now I am freaking tired of the depression that comes from being burdened by unforgiveness. I am tired of thinking of how you hurt me or how I hurt you when in reality and IN GOD’S EYES we have ALL BEING FORGIVEN. It is painful and indeed grievous to live in the misery and darkness of unforgiveness when a feast of LOVE is all that God offers.

Judas was still considered as a friend even to the point of betrayal. If I had my way I wouldn’t have approved a missions expedition to the city of “the thief on the right side of Jesus”. 


1. I am going to LOVE without question because LOVE SEES THE BEST AND BELIEVES THE BEST

2. I am going to give gifts starting with poems for every “April Celebrant” who comments or tweets at me… especially @_inioluwa (WHY? Because I want people to give me gifts – ME, being honest – he that will have friends must himself be friendly)

3. I am going to simply be – I KNOW I WILL STILL ANNOY SOMEONE WITH THIS POST (Like @ilounuigbe said “you can’t win every time with people”)

P.S: This post has nothing to do with the fact that I lost 2 followers this morning. LOOOOOL

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

23 thoughts on “Please Forgive Me

  1. I did not find your LIKE button.. This needs a double LIKE

    Secondly, this made me shiver!! The part of Judas and Jesus. I don’t know if those were truly his thoughts which was quite sad and foolish of him, but what JESUS DID! What my Savior did!!!! OMG!! I can’t say no more. Damilare aka Abdul, I can only pray one prayer for you, may God continue to enrich you and fill you up to the brim till you overflow.



  2. Even if I v neva met u in person, u v alwys inspired mi wit ur write-ups..I pray dt d HolySpirit’s inpiratn in u wil neva cease..lukin 4wrd 4 d nxt 1…GOD BLESS U (I rili mean it),Mr Damilare,op 2 meet u in persn 1dy if GOD wills….Thnk u 4 nt ‘keepin’ dis talent 2 urslf.


  3. Even if I v neva met u in person, u v alwys inspired mi wit ur write-ups..I pray dt d HolySpirit’s inpiratn in u wil neva cease..lukin 4wrd 4 d nxt 1…GOD BLESS U (I rili mean GOD shud Bless u),Mr Damilare,op 2 meet u in persn 1dy if GOD wills….Thnk u 4 nt ‘keepin’ dis talent 2 urslf.


  4. Op 2 meet u in persn 1dy…I rili av lots of questns on ma mynd 2 ask u…Thnk u 4 nt ‘keepin’ dis talent…GOD BLESS U!


  5. Forgiveness. Very vital. Still a student and I just love it,forgiving in advance too is great.
    After all, it is expected that someone somewhere will do us wrong someday. why not forgive them in advance?
    Anyway, Unforgiveness is terrible. It denies you the joy that comes with life. You loose a lot, you imprison yourself and write your own death sentence.
    I ask myself if God would count my sins,……let’s stop at that(you dont want to know)….it is still better to forgive and let go.

    As we forgive, we shall be forgiven….with the same measure!!!! It is true.
    “And forgive us our trespasses, AS we forgive those who trespass against us….”
    My friend, FORGIVE.


  6. I totally agree with what you wrote about us Christians attitude to forgiveness especially in our relations with other Christian. I tink the challenge has its root in the self righteous cloak lots of so called Christians have now, we forget that the righteousness we have isn’t borne out of our own labor or work, we want to claim joint heirs with Christ, but we don’t want to act like him. I know a couple of people who got ostracised in church cos they got pregnant outside wedlock, if Jesus the perfect standard didn’t condemn anyone in all His dealings on earth, i wonder what our problem is, but its well. Good job, wish i could write


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