Disclaimer: I am writing this in response to a question that a friend asked me yesterday. He asked “how do you give no room to the devil especially when your relationship with God is cracked?” I pray that as you read you will see the Father’s heart and mind towards you.

All for love the Father gave for only love could make a way. All for love the heavens cried for love was crucified.

Oh how many times have I broken Your heart but still You forgive. If only I ask and how many times have You heard me pray

“Draw near to me”.

Everything I need is You My beginning, my forever. Everything I need is You. Let me sing all for love. I will join the angels’ song.

“Ever holy is the Lord. King of Glory. King of all” 

All for a love a Saviour prayed

“Abba, Father have your way though they know not what they do Let the Cross draw man to you”

Track 14: ALL FOR LOVE (BY @damilar3)

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son – John the Beloved

The nails were driven through his wrist, in agony he attempted to yell but the Roman soldier muffled his screams with his bloodied hand. He was pale with fatigue, his face laced with sweat, tears, sand and blood. There was no beauty in him any more.

– THE END? – 

Isn’t it tragic today that sin rides the waves of popularity today? Unrighteousness is given the chief seats and applauded with much aplomb. Iniquity makes the headlines and the fruit of the grapevine is the distasteful celebration of mankind’s descent into anarchy.We congregate to make jest of the fallen like flies would gather round a pile of faeces.This week my twitter timeline was infested with talk of a girl who danced in the nude and instead of covering such a one’s shame like Ham we proceeded to make a trend of it.

AS BAD AS MEN ARE God gave his Son to die for them. Remembering the tragic case of The Adam’s Apple and the Slick Snakeskin Salesman? after they sinned – God provided a covering for their shame. The death of Christ on the cross was and is an even greater covering. For unlike the frail animal skin of Eden, the cloak of righteousness sewn by Grace at Calvary is eternal.

So why then do we erect walls and fences round that which God sacrificed himself to give all men?

Why do we place barricades on the path to Grace, knowing fully well that this road was paved with blood? – Not ours! For our own blood has no saving value.


The cross draws men to Christ. It is the equalizer. It makes all men one and the same whether CRIMINAL,CHIEF, CAPTAIN OF INDUSTRY or CRIPPLE. We are that man “Barabbas” whose place Jesus took on that wooden cross. We are the two thieves in our dispositions: on the one hand accepting of the truth that Jesus represents, while on the other treating with disdain the message of the Messiah.

It is on this CROSS and for LOVE that the Saviour answers the demands of justice.

The moment He died, the old man and his bottle of gin were crushed forever.  EVERY SIN! EVERY TRANSGRESSION! All for Love!!! We are not just the undeserving sinners that God picked from the gutter; we are the God-born ones who make the devils shudder! Why do I sound so confident? Because:

“That whosoever BELIEVES in Him should not perish BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE” – John the Beloved

He drew us close to him with the chords of redemption. He made us in HIM the New Creation, the fruits of redemption. We are not merely the redeemed of the Lord. We are not merely winners. We are not merely ambassadors of the synagogue of saved men. We are MORE THAN CONQUERORS. We are ONE WITH GOD. We are ONE with the PETRA of AGES! We are the HOUSE ON THE ROCK! We are the HAVEN of Holiness. We are ONE SPIRIT with Him.

We who were once lackeys of Lucifer have been translated into the kingdom of the King. How? By the power of forgiveness. The hold of the devil over you is only a function of your ignorant of this fact: YOU HAVE BEEN FORGIVEN! ALL FOR LOVE – THE SAVIOUR DIED! LOVE WAS CRUCIFIED SO THAT MEN MIGHT BE RECONCILED! and even more than this: MAN WAS MADE ANEW!


It was no patch-patch work. The Father had his way. As the nail pierced the Carpenter’s wrist, Heaven was fashioning a new species of beings different from the vile variant that occupied the sin-stained earth. Yahweh was forging from His own essence, a unique class of people.


This is you  —>

1. A ROYAL PRIESTHOOD (A class of King-Priests whose words bend spiritual realities, whose worship is steeped in the sacrifice of the Righteous High Priest Jesus the Exalted One)

2. A HOLY NATION (For theirs is a government ordered by Righteous decrees! A people with one voice – the language of the Spirit – speaking divine secrets and creating pathways in a world of gross impossibility)

He was bruised for our transgression but it didn’t end there. HE MADE US HIS OWN! When you begin to acknowledge this, when you begin to accept this, when you begin to confess this: You will see YOUR FAITH BECOME EFFECTIVE! When we magnify God in our existence, the devil has no room to operate! You have been forgiven!

Jesus the Righteous died for all men from Bisi to Bola Tinubu,




Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

3 thoughts on “ALL FOR LOVE

  1. “…from Bisi to Bola Tinubu” LOL! I really loved this. This is the real truth, but men have used the bondage of religion to further trap people in the guilt of sin, which is further strengthened in the law, also propagated by religion. God bless you infinitely bro!!!


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