Please Forgive Me

  Judas walked to Jesus. The coins sang a doleful tune in his pocket, a smile was locked away beneath the solemn frown plastered on his face. He was happy – at last, the teacher’s hands would be forced. He would have to summon those angels that he always spoke of, those fierce creatures who wouldn’t allow him dash his foot against the stone. He chuckled. Finally the Father would have to intervene after he had called him the apple of Yahweh’s eyes.  The disciples stared confused. What was Judas doing with  a troop of Romans? What was happening? Peter gripped a knife tightly. He had sensed this but he didn’t expect it so soon. He would defend his rabbi to the end. He would kill them all  – after all he was called the little stone. He would grind them to dust.  There was no doubt about it. Judas was about to make history – for all the wrong

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With Me

Fade to black… HEAR: the distant hoot of the owl and the wolf’s howl SEE: the bitter scowl of forest fiends… the end draws near… behold faces fraught with fear Death treads the gory paths of hell tonight, the fire is fierce and fearless, my soul is pierced with the poisoned arrow-tip of fright,    the earth shrieks like a sissy, bursting apart at the seams…and I am alone, surrounded by the echo of coming storms, harbingers of untold woe and callous foes… I walk the dark alley of death…But YOU are with me a shining light, a sturdy rod, a gentle and warm fire in the midst of the chill and chaos… YOU are with me I am your servant and I am your son – Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.   Abdul Masih (Servant of the Messiah)

There is no God

Dedicated to all the wise ones out there… There is no God. They believe that blind, unintelligent forces of nature through the haphazard chaos of genetic mutations and the process of natural selection, produced the multitudinous myriads of majestic creatures that inhabit the earth. Click to read The Traveler and The Road Can a proton feel guilt? Will a neutron spread itself and sorrow over the death of a loved one? Yet atheists believe that from a tiny speck of inorganic, self-created matter, human consciousness and moral sensitivity evolved. Can they not see the utter ludicrousness in this pattern of thinking? Can you see it? Will you go to that rock poised gallantly on the roadside and begin a conversation with it? Surely the words of King David are bankable when he said “the fool has said in his heart there is no god”. “Well as president of the Universal Guild of Fools we are coming out boldly to declare

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