To Yahweh

elegant letters

Dear Daddy

First of all … I call you Daddy because you are my Father. Though many are ignorant of their Genesis, I revel in the Revelation of You as my Source. They put on their blue jeans, “fly” their collars in arrogance and forget the origin of their genes – but I won’t forget my creator. Some might think I am merely pontificating or attempting to appear like one with a speed dial to Heaven. In the ravishing romance of Romans Paul calls you ABBA. This is no counterfeit affection, no shabby attire traded on the streets of Aba. YOU are my DADDY. I am Charmed by your Majesty. My Spirit resonates with your Sweet Spirit. There is a collision of YOUR Divinity and my humanity.

I yearn for more of YOU.

Length of days are worthless without YOU, my El HANNORA (Awesome God). The night stars exude your glory. Just as the Jews on their Exodus from Egypt, they extol your praise. Take me to the school of Numbers, show me how to number my days on this ellipse called the earth, show me how to apply the soothing balm of wisdom to my heart.

Kim Walker reminds me of how YOU plant a wet sloppy kiss on my lips. Beauty Suits you. I imagine YOU do this every morning. I imagine that each day YOU send your mercies giftwrapped and filled with the most delightful surprises. If it were not for your mercies… those mercies that are so tender to the touch. Mercies so buttery sweet, so dainty and delicious. Mercies that can be easily overlooked – from the majesty of waking up to the miracle of sleep and dreams. WHOA! I am dizzy with delight!

If not for your mercies, little me would have been decimated by the rabid onslaught of the hellish fiend. If not for your marvelous mercies I might have been consumed. What nature would my lamentations be, where would I start from? But I am standing on this side of eternity calling you Father.


I really adore the moments spent cuddled in YOUR ARMS. Oh! Abba words are not enough to quantify or even qualify YOUR Love. My Diary would overflow with superlatives. My anatomy is a grey area without the light of your word. You LOVE me and it is intentional, deliberate, and committed. I am no longer the outcast, lost in this dreary world of woes. I am now the true SON of my FATHER. Transformed daily into YOUR image by that irrepressible Spirit. In your presence I ooze greatness – greatness that YOU cultivate in me as I spend my minutes in Adonai’s Arms.

Even lucifer rolled in anguish as I walked out. My Exodus from Egypt into Eternal Excellence. My pilgrimage outta mediocrity into Majesty. And that is how YOU roll. You don’t want anyone squatting in hell. You won’t leave us without a means of escape. Wasn’t that why YOU carried out the ultimate Prison Break by sending Jesus? I would be foolish, a cranky old nit to ignore such Saving Grace.

Unplugged! Yes I am. Because I have set you ever before me. Because your Face shines upon me. I can’t imagine a day outside your courts. Daddy I love you. HAVE I told YOU that? well I am saying it, blogging it, tweeting it. I will scream it on the rooftops and sing it with my froggy voice in the shower. On a scale of 1 to Infinity, your LOVE will crack the scale.

My Rey. My KING! saying you mean more than life to me doesn’t sound right because YOU are the very definition of LIFE. You are not just LOVE. You are HOPE. Every breath I breathe is a reminder that YOUR LIFE courses relentlessly through my veins. Thank YOU DADDY for always being there.

Love you …

Your son

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

6 thoughts on “To Yahweh

  1. Yahweh
    My source
    My sustainer
    My provider
    My good shepherd
    The only one who can have no hidden agenda
    I bow to your sovereignity Lord Jesus
    The lover of my soul and the keeper of my heart
    I bless Your holy name

    Kind God
    Words aren’t enough
    Still I thank You

    That’s my oriki.


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