From God

To: You
From: God

Do you realize that the cold draft of callousness from the crevices of hell can not cause the Love of God that blossoms and blooms to wither? – Dami to Rhea (Church Notes 1.0)

My child.
Behold my counsel,
hear my words.

I see the council of chaos gathering,
Surely I have heard their bickering,
They long to hurt you.

Surely I have heard their bickering,
They long to hurt you.

I see your pain.
Do not fret for I am with you in the rain.

I have heard your sobbing in the night. Your heart cry…

It passes through the darkness, filters through the clouds, mingles with starlight, and finds its way to my heart on the path of a sunbeam.

Do you not know that I am he who bore the bowels of the seas in my arms? Pouring them into the crevices and crannies of the earth. Do you not see the splendor of the stars and the seagulls?

I am He to whom the eagles flock in worship, for whom the galaxies spin, by whom the hyenas race through the wild.

I have anguished over the cry of a hare choked in the noose of a snare, a sparrow tumbling from the nest of its mother, a child thrashing helplessly in a pond, and a son, my son shredding his blood on a cross.

Know that I hear you, also. Be at peace.
Be calm.

Beloved… I say to you… CHILL…

For I am He who rides on the wings of the wind. The same one whose gentle whisper is as the gavel of a judge silencing the storms and tumults.

Now behold… for I write in the dust a new story. I embed on the stony tablets of your heart my righteousness. I bring thee relief for your sorrow for I know its cause … and its cure.

You weep for all your childhood dreams that have vanished with the years.

Your eyes are laced with sorrow for all your self-esteem that has been corrupted by the words of contradiction from family, friends and foes.

You shed tears for all your potential that has been bartered for the illusion of security, punctuated by the vociferous viciousness of vile men.

You weep for all your talent that has been wasted and buried beneath the rubble and refuse.

You look upon yourself with disgrace. You feel like a fool and you turn in terror from the image you see in the pool.

What is this mockery of humanity staring back at you with bloodless eyes of shame?

I say to you. Do not fear! I am Lord not only over the Living and the Loved but over the Little, the Lost, the Last and the Least.

I am the one who wipes the tears from the prostitute’s face, who embraces the runaway son , who dances with the cripple and watches the tapestry of stars with the blind.

I am He who holds your hands and walks with you above the storms.

I am yours.


Because My heart was broken for you. I was beaten and bruised on the cross by your ignorance and nonchalance. You relied on your flesh and turned away from my love.

Are you that one of whom it is said “the chains could not hold him”? or are you friends with the one who had been dead for days?

Yet even in your most despicable state my heart longs for you… YES! YOU!

You who sits by the roadside in the company of the ruffians and the scornful, you who toys with the hopes and dreams of sisters, you who flirt with the lord of the flies and court the persecutor of the saints.

YES! I long for you…

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

5 thoughts on “From God

  1. Just what i needed this morning..Gave way to the flesh and my addiction ..Seeing this gives me hope for tomorrow ..God bless


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