Aural Assault

It happened one desultory October Evening… there were no drums mimicking the racing heart of a hart as it sped across the savannah in search of respite for its thirsting throat. It happened as we sat by the shore, the sights and sounds of nature swimming lustily in full view.

It happened…


She asked me to strike the anvil of her mind with the sweetest words I could find.

My thought rode the crest of the wind and forged a hammer,

But my voice turned to schmaltz: a miasma of mesmerizing musings,

Her ears ached, desirous for dainty delights that would tickle her cochlea,

But I could neither spin a tale nor amuse her with my poetry.

I yearned to speak to her in soft and supple tones, lush with love and flushed full with the musings of a lovesick poet

But I feared that my words will fall short and tasteless void of substance, bereft of the syllables that would leave her giddy with excitement.


“I tremble with passion my beloved, I am dizzy with delight

May my words be music to your ears my darling, a tasteful potpourri of acoustic delights.

Listen to my gentle arguments, an aural assault of affection.

Shut your eyes and let the sweet lilt of my voice gush through your world.

Fear not for a moment that the expression of my emotions will leave a discordant taste in your auditory buds”


Allow me (peal) through the shroud of deathly dissonance and whisper with creative cadence.

Watch as life rushes through your ears;

Watch as your pinna bristles with the fire of glee.

As the tumultuous unrelenting waves of the sea, listen to me regale you with the frenzied fervor. A Feverish Excitement that leaves you Forever Enchanted in a Forest of Ecstasy.


No lead, just low bass that sneaks in and tosses sense and sensibilities away

A gentle persuasion stripping the mind of resistance and leaving my beauty unfettered by doubts or despair

Although I am far, my voice will carry the thundering boom of my desire, the intimate echo of my thoughts

Let me speak to you darling and make love to your ear.


Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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