Have you read “All I Do” or “Yahweh“? Please do…
This is the first instalment in my 316RUSH (316 posts posted at precisely 3:16pm) … Do enjoy…

Click here to enjoy Aybee Omari’s Bloom Baby, Bloom

Take all your sloppy love stories.
Heap them …
narrative upon narrative, tale after tale
from Romeo and Juliet’s dangerous dalliance with death
to the illicit affair under the duvet of dusk between David and Bathsheba
Consider them in all their glory and grandeur
See Casanova blaze bright like a Supernova
hovering over damsels like a predator would eye his prey
Watch in wonder as the dashing prince smashes through beam and board
just to win the fairest one’s heart

Take all of these
Your fairy tales, your bedtime stories
stories of a princess awakened by a kiss
or missing shoes used as GPS in a romantic quest
Pile them up till they reach the navel of the sky
or better still till they kiss the very face of the sun
watch their cinders get buried beneath the white of snow
Now multiply them by 2, sorry , one hundred or better still infinity
(Can you count to infinity?)
Have you done that? or are you still fawning over the princess
who lets down hair from her room up in the sky
to allow her beloved climb in…
Take all your mushy narratives of love that litter literature
multiply them
in the end they do not compare with His Love…

That kind of affection that leaps over desert sands and camel humps
that rushes through the raging rivulets and babbling brooks
that ravishing, all-encompassing love affair that pulls in and breaks forth,
that cascades like a waterfall in ever-increasing measures
holding in its grip limitless treasure
His Love that lay naked on a tree in the middle east
His Love that lay bruised and broken while hell had a feast
His Love that lay crushed like a rose in darkness’ fist
This Love that loved you so much it died for you
but was awaken, not by a kiss, but by the Spirit
His Love that overflows, and gushes majestically
like that elusive fountain of youth
with a fluid more delicious than Eve’s decadent fruit
Taste it… Smell it
This love whose scent is more tantalizing than tantalizers (Pardon me please)
the aroma of it would intoxicate Tantalus
sending him into a manic frenzy
for he can only look, only yearn for
but he cannot touch

Like a flower in full bloom,
It is this Love that ravishes the human heart,
It is this Love that floods the soul,
awakening the withering rose… like that lush kiss on Snow White’s full lips
adorning the outcast with a beauty that exceeds Rapunzel’s beautiful hair
It is an arrow that pierces the darkness and sends light surging into the
mist and mystery of mankind’s longest night
an arrow shot from the bow of Boaz
whose eyes gaze like the King Lion upon his bride
whose arms ripple with untold passion,
exuding a strength that is sworn to protect his Ruth
For this Love takes root in faithfulness
and is faithful even if we are unfaithful
as we see in Hosea’s chase for Gomer
The epic romance of redemption
A lover’s tale of death and life and of course victory over strife

Now take all your sloppy love stories
and realize this that God’s Love in Christ trumps them all
Can you not hear the prince of this world speaking in his mirror?
He is asking “mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?”
Did you hear the answer? Did you??
The mirror replies,
“The Man in Christ! The Man in Christ… FOR CHRIST IS THE FAIREST OF TEN THOUSAND!”

REALLY!!! No one can love you like He does…

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

15 thoughts on “BLOOM



    • Indeed it is impossible to grasp… our words can only scratch the surface, they are incapable of plumbing the depths of this affection with which the Father so adorns us….

      Where are the mighty men of letters? Let them thread together a fabric of flowery phrases, let them spin their clauses in a frenzy

      Where are the men of mint and coin? Shall they lend us their greenery so that we plant trees and hew from the timber grand houses of rhyme and rhythm…?



  2. I am in awe. His love for me is beyond comprehension. It is too great for me to grasp. Metalokan ijinle-ife.


  3. His love is beyond human comprehension. Jehovah el roi. The one who sees my imperfection and still loves me. I am in awe


  4. DEEP, BEAUTIFUL!!! I AM LOST IN THE OCEAN OF IT! Dammy, you have a way of scattering pearls of revelation in literary ocean floors….Thank you my bruvver!


  5. Greater love hath no man than this…he loved them to the end…
    pondered on by many a saint and sung throughout the ages “Love that will not let go”
    “what manner of love the Father has bestowed on us…”

    His Love is strewn throughout the pages of scriptures and echoed by saints who have tasted of it…one cannot but talk of it, it is a sweet wine distilled to the lips by His very own Spirit, brewed straight from His heart…it is a love, so pure and intoxicating. happy is he who gets drunk on such love!

    God bless you real good…keep increasing in wisdom and revelation of his love…


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