The First Stone

Titus 2:14, ‘Who gave himself for us, that he might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works.’ The Rabbi’s voice echoed from the Galilean shores to this century. His words impinged on my ears and drummed on the tables of my heart. He was seeking the answer to his riddle. What was the response to a sin-ridden world? What was the answer to a people so vile and corrupt? He stated with utter disregard for their traditions “Let he that is without sin cast the first stone”. This was their custom. When sin was brought to their attention, they could only respond by throwing stones.  Then Christ came and new stones were hewn from the Rock of Ages. Stones that dazzled with a brilliance previously unheard of – emeralds that radiated excellence, sapphires that marinated in the super-saturated ambience of Grace, rubies that blushed bright with a Love that was as unfettered

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Glow with Pride

I woke up with a stirring in my Spirit. “How do we paint in pictures the divine secrets of Him”“How do we express the thoughts of the Father…” Jesus was blunt with Nicodemus. He did not try to explain the existence of the Father. He took for granted that he would know that. He says without biting back his words “For God so loved the world…” He does not categorize or classify. He draws no differentiating line nor does he discriminate. He throws a blanket over the entirety of humanity, a blanket of blessed affection. Jesus declares for all eternity – God Loves us so much. This thought is very high to consider. It makes no sense. but somehow it makes more sense than the musings of atheists who claim that we crawled out of some primordial stew. He seeks to plant the heavens in your heart. He longs to hold you in His arms He yearns to kiss and

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Drip, Drip, Drop

Drip, Drip, Drop Hear the Spirit speak Like raging waters swelling and swirling A sweeping wind that brings the calm Drip, Drip Whispers of Wonder the sounds of distant thunder The Spirit says to this nation You are a people called forth from the darkness and out of eternal night into the abode of Kings and fierce light Drip, Drip Let His Wisdom drench your souls Let His Power soak your bodies Let your Spirits marinate in His Love Drip, Drip, Drop Feel the creamy goodness of God thick, syrupy and sweet flowing like OIL from the crown on your head to the shoes that lace your feet Drip, Drop, Drop, Drip      


It’s all in the Spirit’s sweet release A matter of redemption and God’s variant of math That perfectly crafted sacrifice  Shall not this seed fall to the ground and die? the one for whom Jerusalem cries A most perfect offering for the Lost to seek and save that which is buried beneath hell’s rust Will you listen to His urging and gentle nudging? Will you ignore his pleas and pleasant prodding? Or kneel before Him and walk along Love’s path Will your momentum of self concede to His will? Will you stop at the instant and savor Immanuel’s kiss?  

Fear Not

They said: Life is a coin-toss… But for the believer I SAY that the two sides of the coin are already skewed in your favor. The erudite and elite comment sarcastically “No one knows tomorrow” but you as a believer know and fellowship with the one who holds the hands of the clock. Why do you flick the coin up into the air with as much trepidation as the next fellow? Why do you seem as fearful as those bound in the belly of Hades? Do you know that the King with the shepherd’s staff is with you? Do you know that the odds are stacked in your favor. There are No limits to you. You have the advantage! I see you stepping out into the cold of night and fiery hot ambiance of midday, your brow is laced with sweat for fear of arrows with bedeviled tips. I hear you saying “I shall not fear …” yet halfway through

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