With Joy

You don’t know me yet you don’t like me. You know me and you have every reason to hate me.

I have warts adorning my face and I am not even half as smart as Isaac Watts. Occasionally I stink up the room with my farts. And your favorite acronym for me is Foolish, Annoying, Twat a.k.a FAT. Even if you don’t think these things about me these thoughts inundate my mind. I am insecure and unsure…

BUT NO MORE because…

I am deciding to be joyful: to stop waiting for the approval of others, to stop waiting for the storm clouds to pass away. I am deciding to step out of this broken boat of bitterness and with my moccasins waltz on the waters. I know this that the Spirit I carry is the Life of God. I will walk with this consciousness into the valley of death’s shadow and those domiciled there will scream “UP NEPA“. I am deciding to happy for me and to be as free as a kite dancing in the warm breeze yet anchored in the hands of the Prince of Peace.


For so long I lived as a crippled subject of fear. I was locked behind the thick bars of my ignorance, lost in the backwater streets of my own worries. I had allowed the opinions of many to outweigh the thoughts that He had concerning me.

But today I am deciding to be truly happy.

To smile long and breathe deeply. To fill my lungs with the essence of His presence, to sing till my throat is sore and dance till my feet grow numb. I am deciding to live a life of exuberant joy because GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME than “what is that his name?” He is a mighty rock that crushes the puny pebbles of problem that once plagued me. He is the majestic rider of the clouds sweeping in to rescue me from the onslaught of deviled dogs. He is indeed greater than everything that hell and the grave can possibly conjure. He has no limits and no obstacle can withstand his glory.

I remember … so many sleepless nights. So many nights tossing and turning, fussing and fretting. So many nights spent in tears and in the shackles of fear. Even as I write I can hear the hoot and howl of the hordes of hell. I can smell their stench – the festering rot, the simmering residue of wretchedness and woe. I can remember the nights spent in the clutches of the hangman, quivering as the executioner taunted, teased and tormented me. I can still hear the demonic din, the noxious noise and the fecal festivities. Yet I chose to be happy for HE ABIDES WITH ME STILL AND I AM IN HIM.

I have the ZOE life at work in me. I am happy and I know it…. My faith is made greatly effectual by my acknowledgement of all that I possess in CHRIST. I CLAP MY HANDS IN CELEBRATION. I STOMP MY FEET IN VICTORY.

She said she doesn’t want to talk to me. He said I am not the kind of son that a father would be proud of. They refuse to allow me pursue my dreams. Together they plot and plan against me. Friends and family scheme and strategise with foes and fiends. My back is laden with the acerbic alloy of betrayal and lies. Caustic curses cause me to convulse. I am hit with accusation at every turn. Yet I will neither flinch nor run in fright. Why? Paul holds out his hands and comforts me – His words reach into my wounded soul and are a balm. – HE THAT JOINS HIMSELF TO GOD IS ONE SPIRIT.

I know and acknowledge this reality above every other. I am not some mud monkey who emerged from some primordial pot of prehistoric pottage. I am not some creature subject to the whims and caprices of my genes, my society or the accuser of the brethren. I was once as Cain whose bloodlust pushed him to bring his own futile efforts to the altar. I was once as Balaam whose tongue wags for the highest bidder. Yes indeed my case was worse… but yet I stand here… a NEW CREATION. Born into the dynasty of Righteousness. I am a member of the Reich of Grace.


Let me reiterate: I am deciding to be happy because I am His Emerald of Grace, the RECIPIENT of STUPENDOUS GRACE. For even though the mountains skip like school girls at the sound of satanic shrieks, though the rivers blush red with blood and all the earth shivers I know that I am safe in the cleft of the ROCK. Though the fortune of five hundred men fade as the flowers of the field; and the economic prowess, the military powers, the administrative acumen of the earth’s colossus should crumble as the biscuit walls of Jericho, I know that I am BORN OF THE SPIRIT, TRANSLATED INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD’S DEAREST SON.

This is my vantage point.

This is where I stand.


On the shoulders of the Living One, I gaze into the fatness before me. I have precise and accurate knowledge of my inheritance in Christ. It belongs to me not by virtue of some effort of mine, but by reason of Christ’s exertions on the cross. He has WILLED His glory unto me. He has invited me into the banquet hall, and placed before my eyes an array, an assortment of amazement. Surely I behold His beauty and even His Spirit unveils this beauty in me. So I ask – why should I shed a tear in fear? Why should I quiver or shiver? With joy I draw from the wells of salvation. With joy as my swimsuit I plunge into the vivifying depths of my redemption.


Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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