Happy New Year

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Do you want to know who you are? Is your mind befuddled by questions of your purpose? I would ask you to take a chill pill while I reveal the mind of God as encoded in scripture. When God gazes into a mirror. The face smiling back at Him is you. You are the apple of his eye (Psalm 17:8). A choice fruit that tantalizes his God-senses and excite him. You are the tasty essence of the God-life: THE FRUIT OF REDEMPTION.

You were not just bought with a price. Anyone can go into a market and purchase an item of merchandise. You can waltz into a shopping mall, flash your credit card and if you are deep-pocketed, walk away with any item of your choice. God didn’t merely ransom you or redeem. You are not just any ordinary folk. You are the living essence of God walking the dust of this plain. Just as the first man was framed from clay, you are fashioned from the glory dust of God.

God is Love.

There is no greater reality than this. He doesn’t just have love. He doesn’t merely have a vault where he stores love. No! He is love in person. His very being is love. He can’t be more love than He is and less love than He is. There is no life that surpasses this. It is this truth that brings the bands of darkness. It is the reality of the Love of God administered by Christ.

Do you remember that when the sides of Jesus were pierced water and blood came gushing out? Do you remember also that Eve Adam’s bride was drawn out from the side of the man? Whenever animals give birth there is the release of body fluids – water and blood.

The death of Christ was the birthing place of a new species that never existed prior to that time but which existed in the eternity called God’s mind. In God’s mind the Man in Christ was already reigning and enjoying dominion. But for this to become our reality, the enmity in our minds had to be dealt with.


The gospel is the dispelling of doubt via the proclamation of the message of Love. You can preach hell and scare people into momentary acts of good but… Only the goodness of God can lead a man to repentance.

The goodness of God is the unfurling of God’s grace to creatures who deemed themselves unworthy. God doesn’t see you as unworthy. You are full of worth. You are Jesus is… Even in what seems to be imperfection, whenever you see yourself in Christ, there is only good. His Grace is synonymous with His glory.

He is surely glorious in holiness. His uniqueness is that He is gracious to all. Have you not wondered why HE shows mercy both to the just and the unjust? He is gracious to sundry. He challenged the religious minds of his time to cast the stone, knowing fully well that He wrote the laws they sought to twist.

Love breaks the chains. There is one who is known as the chain-breaker. There is one who is called the bringer of dawn. His voice heralds the hope of glory.

Because He calls us affectionately into fellowship. He surrounds us with His mercy and majesty. Will you answer the call today?

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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