You will read this because you must.
You will read this and watch as the eye of your understanding is freed from the rust.
You will read this and indeed you will trust.
For this has been quarried from Zion’s crust. 
The deep of the sea is nothing compared to the depths of His Love for me. 
Selah – Damilare
Let me tell you this: how I was a wretch, wandering the wastelands of my own existence. Tensed, bound by the brokenness and bitterness of self. How I wallowed in woes, worry and wormholes, till my life was stripped of wonder and all I could see was shortcut into void and chaos. If I could I would ask you to spare a minute just to listen to the melody of the nadir. 
Between the soul-wrenching yelps of the demon cur and the lustful clamor of the debauchee I found myself making petitions to gods I had forged after my own likeness. I implored the deities of dust and stone, of rot and rubble. I sought their help. I appeared as one possessed by the spirits of the depths. My heart was tethered to a whorish appetite and my eyes chased after putrid pleasures. 
Yet there was no respite for me. The very ones that paraded themselves as physicians for my broken soul became the predators. They offered no aid instead they ravaged me, stripping me clean of defense. Can you not hear them? Can you not see them? See how they curse, they bite and they bark at me.
But!!! Amazing Grace rescued me… through a maze darkened by mystery and misery He leaped in and pursued me. Me – that arrogant braggart choking on the depraved daintiness, the decadent delicacies of the enemy, falling daily into the gnarled hands of that devious schemer. It was for me that He ran reckless to the place of the skull and shed His blood. Blood that trickled down from the crown plaited from thorns and ripped to shreds the ordinance that was a thorn in my flesh.

Into His arms He welcomes me, charms me and disarms me. This is not careless wordplay. I am not a petulant toddler doodling with alphabets neither is it an arrogant gamut of poetry and prose. I am serious. Have you not heard that the King arose? Like a white rose after the howling storms have passed; unfurling its petals and oozing a fragrance of victory. I am in His arms now and there I draw in pockets full of rarefied air that swallow the emptiness that once pervaded my heart.
Hear how deep calls unto deep. There is that which is unfathomable; which leaves the erudite clueless and is as the simple recital of the alphabet to the untrained. It is the wisdom of God embedded in the tapestry of Love. The utter profundity of his love for me, a mere mortal, leaves me breathless yet full of Life.
Behold the ocean cracks, the sand by the seashore stand in awe of the splendor that surrounds His affection towards me. It is not as though, of myself, I am anything to be reckoned with. For even the angels marvel and ask “what is man that you are mindful of Him?” But indeed I have been visited by God and invited into fellowship. He sits even as I do and sups with me. He reaches for my hair and plays excitedly, knowing me and teaching me to know Him intimately.
I have climbed the towering heights of the mountain peaks. I have reached the zenith of the Everest… and I am captivated by the Everlasting Rest that resides in His arms. 

His Love is beyond dazzling.  Into dungeons deep and caverns cold I have ventured in search of a God like Him. Yet I am yet to see anyone whose grandeur gleams as glorious as His. Just as a little girl would fiddle with her doll’s hair like some treasure found in the recesses of the earth, I am fascinated by this Love. He has poured all his wealth together*, mixed them up in one scrumptious batter and then without a thought drenched me with the fullness.


He is the chef and on this platter of pleasantness He takes me and molds me with the buttery fat of His tender mercies. I could spend a thousand lifetimes and pen a song for every moment and still not have the words to describe how He loves me. He gives me beautiful feet like the hind. He plaits my head with glory and grace, teaches my hands to war. He longs for and loves me. Every day begins with mercies ever new. 
In His kitchen he prepares a sumptuous meal just for me. He yearns to bring delight into my eyes. He spins around excitedly and rejoices over me. He is the Lord of all the heavens and the earth. There is none like Him yet He says that I am His own. The commander of the heavenly host finds delight in me. Therefore all the lies lay silent, worry is washed away by the liquid love that He oozes, fear fades under the Light of His Life. His Life bristles in me like a fire.
Even while I (you) was in sin! Christ died for me (you). He loved me (you) then… He loves me (you) now. Never one to be confused, He welcomed me (you) into Himself. This is where I find myself now. 
Engulfed by Love… 
Will you believe this about yourself? In spite of what may seem to be a contradictory experience…God is always FOR you.
All you need do is BELIEVE. 
*Dedicated to Dolapo… I pray that you enjoy and bask in the blessed bounty and beauty of our glorious God in this new year of your life..

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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