Gaze into Grace

The way He dotes on me, His eyes glistening with delight He calls me into Himself – He the Father, and I, loved by the Lover embraced and engraced, till all that is night becomes light He sings sweetly to me softly first, then like a river His voice washes over me… “twinkle, twinkle little star for in my hands I shall heal all your scars” I find that I am lost in HIS infinity, where are my fears and tears? where are my worries? petty squabbles that left me disgruntled… all at once He is to me the centre of all eternities the conflux of infinities Oh such absurdity that He should be mindful of me, one such as He… I stare… eyes wide with wonderment, As He unveils his majesty! I scream… His seamless robe and his nail pierced hands, round me He wraps them! tearing away my filthy garment, He kneels… and the angels gaze in awe

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