With Papa

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It was neither noon nor night.

The skies were clear as day yet I could see the stars in splendid array. This looked like the Eden that Moses described. Watered by rivers from the 4 corners of the earth. Teeming with verdant vegetation and virile creatures. But it was more beautiful. The light that shone was not from the sun or the moon. It was the glow of the Almighty that Job’s friend spoke of.


It poured forth from Papa and seemed to swallow me up.

Papa held my hands and led me down the paths green with righteousness. There was no shadow of doubt. There was no inkling of fear or worry. I was perfectly calm. I felt like Peter when Jesus held his hands and walked him back to the boat. Underneath the evergreen foliage of His presence we walked and talked. We talked about how He protected Ilo. Together we reviewed Kunle Kenny’s awesome song. He laughed when I told Him I was still single.

He walked with a spring in His step. In His arms there was neither winter nor autumn. We walked along the streams of gladness, and watched as the oceans sang with one voice.

We strolled in the cool of the day and then He said to me with a grin on his face

“Let me share a mystery with you. Son, do you know that Jesus is the vault of heaven?”

I turned and looked at the skyline, dazzling oceans of diamonds greeted me.

I replied “I didn’t know Papa…tell me more”

He pointed to a rock embraced by a lush pillow of grass and we sat down. From nowhere a stereo appeared and “No One” by Nathaniel Bassey was playing. Papa continued speaking

In the beginning, in your beginning from my heart a rhythm of Love erupted and all I wanted was you by my side. So I decided to create all things. Do you remember what Paul said? – by Him all things consist?

I remembered. I had heard it so many times taught by men like Olaleye Oluwafemi and Olawunmi Bog Abraham

I spoke all things into being by the Word. Your scientists are puzzled by what holds all things together.

If you could see the look of glee on Papa’s face, you would have taken a picture and put it up on Instagram. He seemed like an excited teen at the prom. His rosy red cheeks were flushed with so much passion. I wondered if perhaps this was why He didn’t want Moses to behold His face. How could the Ancient of Days be so childlike? There was an aura of sheer simplicity. There was no complexity at all in Him. I could feel no darkness, no fear. I was puzzled why after so many years, so many decades many painted Him as some trigger happy old schizophrenic sitting in the clouds waiting to gun down his enemies.

“This Word is with me in the beginning and this same word is Me. and This Word is the glue that holds all things together.”


I chuckled when I heard this, did God just gbagaun?… “But Papa that’s not grammatically correct, you cannot say – is with me, you should say was with me!”.

He laughed and the mountains quivered.

“Son, wherever I am is NOW. There is no past, present or future. I AM isn’t just some random moniker I gave Moses… so as I was saying Jesus the Word is the vault of heaven, in Him is all my glory, all the treasures of my pleasure are in Him.”

He paused for what seemed like a minute then he burst out.

“Guess what son!!!??”

I replied excitedly… waiting for what appeared to be the climax of his revelation. “What Papa??”

He smiled.


Thanks for reading.

Do you realize that while religion tells you that you need to perform certain rites daily in order to tip the weighing scale of life in your favor or that you need to have lived so many lives and attained some form of karmic balance before you can access paradise Jesus says to you that by His offering on the throne of Mercy (from the Cross to the Throne) He has done all that needs to be done and now His Life he is offering to you so that the life you live will be His. He is the express image of the Father. He is the glory of the Father and He is in Love with you. It doesn’t matter what you have done. This is your season for Intimacy with Papa.  Do  you believe this? Then celebrate! for the Spirit of God will begin to reveal Christ to you.

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

3 thoughts on “With Papa

  1. hmmm…Papa dey gbagaun abi? you are so not serious! lol
    this is the good news, the mystery that Paul knew and so very much tried to impact to us…I guess he too struggled with the words to make us see…if only we would see


    • indeed… how do you tell someone who considers himself a trousered monkey that God has decided to make him his tabernacle? what words would suffice?
      thanks for reading bro.


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