He is the loftiest thought in all of literature?

He is more than just stories told… He is the Word.

He is more than just a page turner. He is that one who walked into the grave and broke it chains. The same one who ventured into the nether reaches of hell and smashed the hold of inordinate ordinances. He is the one who turn around our captivity, leading captivity captive.

He is more than a carpenter… He is the one nailed to a beam, whose blood plastered forgiveness on all humanity. The one who embraced our humanity and our iniquity and with one fell swoop crushed sin, sickness and strife. The one whose hands planted the stars in the fields of space and healed the scars on our face.

He is more. 

Who can measure the worth of a soul?

For what price would you trade yours?

Yet He empties himself for you. 

He barters all His divinity

– for –



“How dare you tell a woman caught in an adulterous affair deep in the heart of a hyper-religious community that she is not condemned?”

But Lord! she is twerking!


How is the son of a wealthy baron received back with fanfare and much rejoicing by his father ever after great disrespect???

Ahn! ahn! Jesus… this guy is  a drug addict, a rapist!


Wait!!! Peter even admits that he is a man with a dastardly soul. Peter the loudmouthed one? The one who comes undone by a maid? That same Peter who walked on water, unto whom the ministry of Son-ship and the Fatherhood of God was revealed? Peter the one who denies you – THRICE?

Peter realized the utter depravity of his state when he stood face to face with the wonder that Jesus was…


Scholarly Sage! Pharisaic Piranha of Palestine! journeying with great vitriol towards Damascus after the debacle wherein Stephen was stoned to death. For this one Jesus bartered all his riches???


*fill the gap*


Jesus, who is regarded by the writer of Hebrews as the express image of God empties Himself for mud monkeys, for trouser-ed apes. Why? Because as John the Beloved writes “For God so loved the world”

We even claim that we crawled from some primordial stew after the happenstance explosion of nothing which gave birth scientifically to all that there is. We deny His existence. We mock His teachings. Even His name is a curse word.

This Jesus

is more than tales by moonlight. He is the Light by which we see light. He is the effulgence of the Father. He is the Word breathed from Lips of Life, Lips that echoed the first syllables “LIGHT BE”.

He is that which holds all things together. He is the essence of the Father, holding even the atoms together.  He is the whole way… He is the only way. He isn’t just some street in the city of history.

HIS STORY is the stuff from which not just legends are made, but that which forms the matter from which all things were fashioned.

He is the loftiest thought in all of literature?

His Love gives life to Romeo and Juliet.

His hands heal the bruise in Achilles’ Heel.

He restores fathers and sons.

One touch from him and Humpty Dumpty becomes whole.

He is the STORY. 

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

12 thoughts on “Jesus

  1. …Pharisaic Piranha of Palestine!……your words usually leave me with a multitude of feelings…one hand hand, am lost for words, I gasp for breath on another, my heart races, my soul sings….YOU ARE A HUGE BLESSING TO THE BODY BRO!


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