The God Mystique

Love is what brings us out of the commonplace into the supernatural. The supernatural isn’t some mystical faraway land ruled by fairies.

Love is the Father’s heart to all men. It is a choice stone more dazzling than all the diamonds of the earth. Love is the Mystique of the Father.

There are certain concepts in scripture that boggle the mind. For instance the stone the builders rejected…  [Plot twist:] that stone is now the infinity stone… Our chief cornerstone.

God our Papa demonstrates his Love towards us by giving us His word. This word becomes flesh and dwells among us before suffering the ignoble horror of a roman crucifixion, stripped naked before his kit and kin and subjected to the most horrific of deaths.

This is the wonder and the mystery of the Father. Using the seeming foolishness of death by crucifixion to ransome the world from the clutches of death. It can be explained in one word: Love

There is correction and then there is condemnation. The word corrects us. By this it brings about mind renewal. The world condemns us. We are changed into that image (of Christ) as we behold Him in the Word. How is this possible? Love.

The Word of God reveals the will of God. The will of God displays the Love of God. Love is God’s crucible, His melting pot. Where He melts us all into one.

There ought to be a course in all universities on “Love, the Mystique of God”. It is as Kenyon said “Natural human love has become the goddess of the divorce court, the football of lawyers.”

Frighteningly the major portion of diseases that put men and women under a doctor’s care come from irritations of thwarted human love. We make so much money and derive entertainment from the wreckage of human love.

Only love opens the heart and reveals the depth of our nature.

We have forgotten that Jesus loved Nicodemus (religious nut), Mary Magdalene (sexual deviant), Pilate (bureaucrat) and Judas (church fraud). He conversed with mad men, ate with socially inept people and treated a Samaritan woman with respect.

Selfishness is an outlaw in the Love realm. Love builds bridges. Love connects. Run through the pages of the holy writ behold how time without number Jesus is said to have been driven by compassion.

Agapa is God sustaining. It does not derive strength from externalities. It is God himself.

E. W Kenyon wrote in Two Kinds of Love that Anarchy is going to reign when Love isn’t given its place. I say to you dear reader that the polar opposite of Love is not hatred. It is self. Anarchy is selfishness without restraint.

The God Mystique suggests that the majesty of God is in bringing about a convergence of two divergent realities. That which is earthy and of the flesh and that which is heavenly and birthed from the ruach of God. Both are commingled.

So let’s assume that perchance you approach God with fear (condemnation) I believe that His Love is pervasive to the point that it drives away your fear.

Look for a minute upon the prodigal son… After a period of time spent in lust he realises that he misses the eggs, bacon and wine.

There is a hunger within him for more than the droppings of swine. He wants to eat the dainty provisions afforded his father’s servants.

So he returns home… Mindful of the vengeful spirit that he assumes would have entangled his father. He is afraid so he opts for servitude. Motivated by hunger and driven by fear he trudges along the weary dusty path home. He has no time to shower so he stinks of his own filth.

Father sees him from a distance… And runs to him… This is a message in itself.
First it means the Father has been waiting. God has all the time in the world. He loves you and longs for you.

Second it shows that the Father has forgiven his son. Such love banishes all fear. It is not a petty affection. It is not fickle. It doesn’t drift haphazardly.

The third is not easily seen. The father wants to shield the son from the ignominy of his actions. He quickly calls for new garments.

So the Father works in us to bring us into an awareness of who we are and what we have. This is the gospel. This is the mystique of God.

How does that translate to us today? Well we have labels for almost everything. Only one label matters and it is twofold…
1. Forgiven
2. Loved.


The mystique of God is this: all men are come face to face with the Love of the Father. None is left out. None is barred from the feast.

While theologians may argue over whether all or some are included or whether the faith life is solely legal or vital, there is one thing that is sure and it is what Jesus said to Nicodemus.

God so loves the world.

We now have access by reason of this Love to a life of infinite possibilities. Jesus is now our anchor. He tethers us to a life of triumph. We walk in His victory procession. Please note that it was the Father who started the party. It was the Father who ordered the fattest cow for some nice suya things.

It is thus not my job to condemn anyone. We are priests anointed to declare the message in Isaiah 61:1-6. We are to scream on the rooftops and in the hallways. We are to promulgate the message in the banking halls and at the chambers of commerce. The prison doors are open. There is a balm in Gilead.

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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