Just Because

I stood before the courts, Before the endless stares of my accusers. They sat ready to scorn and mock, Fingers pointed, fierce and with no love. I stood without an attorney, Who would plead on my behalf. I stood as guilty as the sky is blue, I had been selfish,  greed was my hue.  They looked menacing,  ready to devour, My sins stacked high from ceiling to floor.  I stood alone,  none came to aid me, All my wealth and glory,  all had failed me.  Friends and family were far away, Death and hell would have their day.  They pointed to a cup that hosted my grief, My days as a rapist,  a liar,  a thief.  They said,  drink up you insolent wimp, They threatened me with death’s fiery whip.  But Mercy said No. For one as the Son of Man drew near, Bruised and Broken,  he walked in without fear.. His eyes burned bright with love for me, I

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Let’s Dance

Listening to Sia “Soon we’ll be found” He said to me “Son, lets dance” I was surprised for He was giving me another chance. Did he forget my nights of reckless abandon, when I gave my soul over to Dagon, where beneath the glow of the crescent moon, I smoked trees and vanity was in full bloom? The stars twinkled cheering us on, Come son, he said, come son.. His nail scarred hands outstretched, though I was clad in filth and wretched. “No!” I screamed as I turned away, “Why treat me like a gemstone when I’m just clay” Do you not recall my arrogance and my pride? the days of my deathly dalliance, so eerie and wild? Painting the town red with iniquity and sin, Living a life so tragic and obscene… ? Do you not see the murk and mud on my skin? Are your nostrils blind to my stench, my stink? Son, Let us dance… here’s my

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El Ro’i

He sees you. He desires you. You are the greatest thing since sliced bread. You are greater than sliced bread. You have been buttered and bred, By the Chief Baker of all Eternity. He is the God who sees… He is God over all the seas. Yet He is mindful of you. He is intimate with all your hues. When you are moody and blue, When you are cheery and full of glee. He sees. He desires you. Hear Hagar. Seething and whining. Her heart raging with anger. Hear her baby boy. Infant sobs pierce the blistering heat. Dusty winds lash at them. Hear Hagar. For He hears her cry. He hears her son’s tears. He sees her fears. And He answers… For He is a God of Love. He sees. He is not blind. He sees. Even in the darkest nights. When the lights are but shadows. When the sounds are but funeral dirges. He sees. He knows. Because

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