King of Hearts

They say that even the crescent moon is fed by the Light from the Son. 
He arises and births the dawn of Love. 
With healing in his wings for all men, for all time. 

He was bruised,
Broken for our healing.
His crown…
Plaited from thorns,
Piercing his brow,
For our sakes.
He was beaten,
His flesh trodden…
By the harsh attack of the whip,
For our hearts.


Like a rose trampled,
He grappled for breath,
My,  our,  sins latched on to him,
OUR emptiness and OUR filth,
OUR gore, OUR guilt…

The lips that kissed the earth and
She brought forth beauty,
Longed for a taste to ease the pain. 
The hands that forged the heavens,
Dangled helpless,
Lacerated by scorn and mockery,
The hands that hammered the pillars
Of the earth into place,
Lay frail by reason of grace…
EYES that watched the stars dance for joy,
And beheld a young universe take her first steps,
Those eyes watched on as we mocked and assaulted him. 
His ears heard our vitriol
Yet his lips spoke of only grace and peace. 

Into OUR void and vileness He ventured,
Into the chaos of OUR souls
He came,
He became a captive in the thralldom of death,
Darkness held him bound.

But the fires that stoke heavens hearth
Stirred within his heart,
Love burst the bands of hell,
Love heard the cry of the broken,
The whimper of the weak,
The pleas of the prodigal,
And Love could not be held captive. 
Light tore through the shroud,
Wrecked the claims of chaos. 

He annihilated the animosity between the Father and us.
HE broke the bond of brokenness.
He crushed captivity. 
He destroyed death,  darkness and disease. 
He embraced and enveloped us in Him. 
He fought and won for us and as us. 

This JESUS… 
Is the King of Hearts. 

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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