Let’s Dance

Listening to Sia “Soon we’ll be found”

He said to me “Son, lets dance”
I was surprised for He was giving me another chance.
Did he forget my nights of reckless abandon,
when I gave my soul over to Dagon,
where beneath the glow of the crescent moon,
I smoked trees and vanity was in full bloom?

The stars twinkled cheering us on,
Come son, he said, come son..
His nail scarred hands outstretched,
though I was clad in filth and wretched.
“No!” I screamed as I turned away,
“Why treat me like a gemstone when I’m just clay”

Do you not recall my arrogance and my pride?
the days of my deathly dalliance, so eerie and wild?
Painting the town red with iniquity and sin,
Living a life so tragic and obscene… ?
Do you not see the murk and mud on my skin?
Are your nostrils blind to my stench, my stink?

Son, Let us dance… here’s my hand.
You are my chief desire, you make me glad.
Turn away from what your past says.
For this is a new day.
I have plastered your history with my grace,
My heart yearns for your beautiful face.
Your tomorrows are poised in my palms,
They are seasons of bliss and endless calm.

You once were lost, now in Me you are found.
It is nothing epic or deeply profound.
All it is is that I have loved you deeply.
Even while you were in sin and without one plea.
You whom men tagged as the prodigal son,
It is for you that I left the glories of my throne.
Take my hand and let us waltz upon the waters.
Let me be your Lord, your Life and your Lover….

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Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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