The Advantage

Have you ever spent time on the streets of any part of this world? Can you see the sharp contrast in fortunes? One is born into  splendor but makes his descent into the caverns of despair. Another is conceived in penury but seemingly raises above the din and noise of anonymity into fame and prosperity. I have seen brothers cut down in their prime while rapists live long and grow grey. We ask – “What makes one person succeed while another fails? Why does Life seem unfair?”

A quick glance at scripture show us that God is not in the business of making life fair. Wasn’t the birthright Esau’s right from birth? What exactly did Aaron and Miriam do wrong in pointing out that Moses had married in error. Wasn’t that true? It seems almost random but beyond the surface, if we dare to catch a glimpse of the ways of God we will come face to face with this reality: God’s favor and mercy upon your life causes events and circumstances to be skewed in your advantage.

The God factor is the EDGE required in this hip-hop generation. In this dispensation where people hop from one hip doctrine to the next, we must find some form of solid ground where we can plant our feet in faith. HENCE the question: 

What must I do to have the EDGE in everything I do? 


One way that is available to the believer is Prayer. We live in times where the efficacy of the Art of Prayer is questioned. The lack of results is a severe indictment on the church as we seem to be filling baskets with water. We wage war with our words against imaginary foes and use prayer as a weapon against family and friends. 

There is a way to PRAY! DECLARE! Prophets spoke by faith the word of God they obtained in prayer. Your declaration of faith directs the power which prayer makes available.

Is it really that simple? What happened to bringing a sacrifice to the junction at 1 a.m? I thought you would need me to carry the placenta of a goat, or the grey beard of an anaconda captured from the Sahara Desert? You mean all I need to do is Pray and Declare?

Yes! Jesus in Mark 16 lists out certain qualities of the believer that indicates a supernatural existence. One of them is Speaking in tongues. Speaking in tongues help us break the barriers of the mind. Speaking in tongues take away the limitations of knowledge. See Romans 8:28 – Groaning here means “Inarticulate speech”… The Holy Spirit aids you in prayer. Praying “all my enemies fall down and die” is not the WORD. Stop praying things consistent with your human experiences. 

Speaking in Tongues can cause you to bring to birth certain realities. We speak in tongues by the anointing of the Spirit. 

All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues[a] as the Spirit enabled them. – Acts 2:4. 

This shows us that ALL the apostles spoke in tongues! It is an erroneous teaching that permits you to believe that not every believer has access to Speaking in Tongues. 

What is the power and purpose of Speaking in Tongues?

  1. Speaking in tongues is a language unto God (1 Corinthians 14:2). It is a devotional language. 
  2. No man understands you when you speak in tongues. Speaking in tongues is a language of coded secrets understandable only to the initiated (1 Corinthians 14:2) 
  3. Christianity is what happens when God lives in you! It is a call into the Supernatural (Mark 16:12 – they will speak in new languages…)
  4. Speaking in tongues unveils the mind of God concerning events, persons and places. (1 Corinthians 14:2)

Understand this that the devil is very afraid of the believer. Peter speaks of the believer as a King-Priest, thus it is criminal for men of God to teach kings to talk like slaves. Can we not see the example of the Father who, instead of listening to the rubble talk of the prodigal son, invited the boy to a party to celebrate his party?  Please take note: You have been translated from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of Christ. Speaking in Tongues is the lingua of Zion. It is thus without question that you cannot pray in tongues and pray wrong, or even amiss.

There is a science to dispensing the power of God. There is a way the power of God can and should be applied. Every single truth you learn from God in church has more use for you outside the church. Since Tongues are the vocabulary of your innermost being, the expressions of your recreated Spirit let us understand how we can apply them.

Please note Spirituality is not about how loud your tongue is.

In James 5:17 we see that Elijah prayed earnestly. Generate the Power (1 Kings 17:1 & James 5:17) : Pray Earnestly…Pray Again. You cannot be a man of faith without being a man of prayer and fasting. 

Before Jesus did anything supernatural it was always preceded by seasons of prayer. The time Elijah spent praying was an exercise in obtaining God’s word… [1 Kings 18:36] 

When you obtain that word from God, you need to declare in faith that which God has said

“I have done all these things at thy word”… Elijah

There is an -IN-SEASON- Word for your situation. Elijah wasn’t flippant with his words. He didn’t just pop onto the scene like popcorn with corny words. He prayed earnestly and obtained God’s word and declared this word!
1 Kings 18:42… Elijah just said “he heard the sounds of the abundance of rain” but still went to pray

There is a waiting upon the Lord. This is not McDonald. You must stay and obtain the word of faith! Earnest, Heartfelt, Continuous prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous, dynamic power available. Stay in the place of prayer till you obtain a word! That word is the strategy!

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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