A for Apple

“We were as gods, seated in the arm of the great king, till the knave came and stole everything”Adam

In the beginning …

In a time before the first chord of condemnation dropped from the liar’s lips, before his accusatory tones spread like a wildfire across the expanse of time and space.

Time was still in diapers. We join the story at a junction called the beginning where the Ultimate Intelligence had just begun His masterpiece – Heaven and Earth (apologies to the other planets).

Lucifer enjoyed the cold chill of the snake’s skin. No other animal had qualified for this tremendous opportunity of tipping the balance of power in his favor. The snake was subtle – no, crafty – with a seductive allure about it. It had an ability to weave itself into any environment, a nature that Adam had imparted to it during the naming ceremony. It was in this creature, he would weave his web of lies and becloud their sight. He would work his way into their minds and leave them trapped in his net.

The serpent climb up the tree. It limbs clutching the bough with uncharacteristic fierceness. It glared with menacing eyes at Isha, the first of women. Today, as like other days, she was near the flowers…. Alone …


There was a tenderness that dripped off the petals of the rose, like the diamonds that littered the Euphrates. She gazed on the multiplicity of colors. Her eyes felt the warmth. Isha knew she was appealing; an assortment of animals followed her as she walked past the river of Eden. Every morning Adam would tell her about the hours he spent searching for her among the creatures. He regaled her with stories about how the animals came to him at his command and the lingering emptiness that disappeared the moment he set his eyes on her.

Lucifer hated the love, the glory-crown that oozed around them. Both creatures were terribly beneath him – how could God visit them every day? THEY WERE MUD MONKEYS! GLORIFIED APES. He bellowed in his mind as he watched their fellowship with Abba.

Everything was beautiful. The waters came up from beneath the ground as springs and spread over the earth in an uninterrupted cycle of water. There was a canopy of beauty that covered the trees, the mountains burned radiantly under the light of the sun. Creation hummed about His goodness. It was amazing and it only took six earth days.

This morning she had decided to take a stroll in the midst of the tulips. It was even as beautiful as the rows of roses she had seen yesterday. The entire garden buzzed with a fragrance like perfumes poured forth. They had a medley of praise that rang loud with ecstasy. Their petals dripped with pleasure in adoration to El Hannora. Such was the nature of her porcelain perfection. Her fragile sensibilities were acutely sensitive to the minuscule details of worship. She could sense them a mile away.

She could also perceive the darkness emanating from the forbidden tree. Amidst the rapturous delight the tulips had to offer, she couldn’t help but feel the hair on her skin prickle. Soon she found herself drawn to the tree.


Adam had wanted to give her a chance to see the sights on her own. Discover the riches of God’s goodness… he had whispered to her last night. They had witnessed the symphony of the Pleiades. The angels had ministered to them in song, and then God’s presence had enveloped the entire garden. As usual they would hear his footsteps, the footsteps of a friend, then His voice. Even the angels sat and watched in awe as the Almighty would commune with the dusty one, a nickname the archangel Gabriel had given him.

They had a choice to make. Abba had placed before them His Life of Rest and a choice of works. Adam was puzzled by the tree of knowledge. There had to be a mystery Abba was yet to revealed. He tossed the thought aside. For now he would watch his queen as she danced among the tulips. A dainty creature yet she moved with the poise of a swan. She had the gait of a slender stork, even the flared wings of the peacock was no match for her beauty. She was really the bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh. She was his partner. His heart yearned for her, to clasp her fingers within his fingers. Her hair danced rhythmically and followed the stride of her swaying hips. She was really light on her feet.

His joy was short-lived as he saw her approaching the tree… he dropped the cluster of grapes he was holding and ran.


The voice was inviting. The words dripped off his lips like honey off the honeycomb. Has God said you may not eat the fruit? Is it true that he has restricted you from the delights of this place? The serpent dangled the luscious silvery fruit in front of her unfortified eyes. She knew Adam would be disappointed but the question pricked her heart. It resonated with her deepest thoughts and was the same question Adam had asked the night before. Why would her Father forbid such a juicy fruit? She could already feel the moist juices running through her mouth. Surely the serpent was without malicious intent. He was gentle and persuasive. She thought. It definitely would be good for food. Her eyes saw nothing else but pleasure. She replied “we are not to even touch it… for we will die if we do.”

Adam raced to the tree, his muscles rippling with anger. The gazelle that was by his side couldn’t match his speed. Bursting past a bristling brook, he leaped over a herd of rhinos. He had to stop this… surely Isha would not eat it. Would she? He had often wondered why they had been forbidden. After all it was just a fruit. Maybe, just maybe they would try it just once – just a bite?

Lucifer was emboldened by Isha’s openness. He had expected resistance but all he could sense was curiosity, an innocent inquisitiveness that begged to be exploited. The serpent continued. Surely you will not die. Instead as you eat of this fruit, you will become like God knowing good and evil. That was his only weapon. He could only suggest.

She reached up to take the fruit. Its silvery rind glowed faintly under the sun. She touched it accepting the serpent’s words. Perhaps she had misunderstood Adam. She sank her teeth into it.

The Bite

Lucifer chuckled. The woman was already deceived, but he needed the man.

Adam had arrived just in time to see her lift the fruit into her mouth. He didn’t stop her. He didn’t want to. Her lips were stained with the juice of the fruit. Yet she was breathing. Her eyes still sparkled as it always did. He had expected her to die, he had never seen anyone die but apparently there was no change in Isha. She had just broken the only law God had given them but he still loved her. Adam drew closer to her. The fruit partially bitten nested in her left hand as she wrapped her right hand round him.

He took the fruit from her hand and ate.

Hidden in the lush green leaves of the tree, Lucifer whispered as he watched the glory-crown shatter and the apple fall to the ground.


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Bible References: Genesis 1 – 3, Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28, Psalm 8:6, Psalm 115:16 among many others

Petroleum engineer? Yup. But I love writing as much as I love solving complex reservoir engineering problems. Watch out for poetry. Still trying to soar the heights of prose tho' Stay tuned dearies.

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