The Holy Spirit gave me this yesterday (22nd of October 2014): BOLD AS A SON, FIERCE AS A LION. So I decided to revisit some of my early posts themed on Courage and the likes.  COMMENTARY ON ISAIAH 54:17 No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. The devil is in his haberdashery, fashioning a cloak of anarchy, He plans to sneak in while men sleep, and plant his weeds vile and so nasty! (Excerpt from Church Notes) Have you been to fear’s forge? It is the smithy of sin where the devil works tirelessly plotting and scheming against the sons of Zion. Have you been to hell’s hearth where all our fears in different shapes and sizes are crafted and designed to specification? The bible says we are drawn away by our own lusts. Have you seen the tongs of temptation those infernal tools of the devil with which he seduces us

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