A for Apple

“We were as gods, seated in the arm of the great king, till the knave came and stole everything” – Adam In the beginning … In a time before the first chord of condemnation dropped from the liar’s lips, before his accusatory tones spread like a wildfire across the expanse of time and space. Time was still in diapers. We join the story at a junction called the beginning where the Ultimate Intelligence had just begun His masterpiece – Heaven and Earth (apologies to the other planets).


God’s word is on my lips.. His word is in my heart…  Like a freckled shepherd boy clinging to a sling and with stones in his hand I walk to the giant… Fearless because I know that Elyon is with me. Hey guys! I am really enjoying the Haven of Love that God has provided me and I pretty certain that she (my Eve, my Ecclesia) will soon be here. So first, join me as I slay the giant. For: Victoria Can you hear the rattling of metal? Courage pale like wilting petals Can you smell fear like rotten eggs? See the horror, faces filled with dread Can you see the giant tall and fierce? Covered with venomous steel as his dress Can you hear his toxic, noxious ranting? Listen to his army sing, hear their chanting Where is the God of the Jew? Tell me if you have a clue Where is the God that trumped Egypt? Is he

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