I was having cookies and coffee (P.S I have never tasted coffee – not like that is newsworthy) with Christ and decided to ask Him this question… “Who is the Man in Christ…” He turned to me with a large smile stretching from cheek to cheek and replied… A man born abnormal whose daily walk is an engagement of the Word A man living above normalcy whose eyes see beyond the mist and maze of misery whose heart is the turf on which the kingdom operates his lips drip with the honey of value and royalty that lights a fire in the souls that surround even the denizens of the valley of death yearn for a touch from him for he is one who lives consistently a man remembered of God, God’s unleashed glory on two feet… performing wondrous acts and simple feats, a man insured by God.. for He is kept in Elyon’s arms none can pluck him out

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You will read this because you must. You will read this and watch as the eye of your understanding is freed from the rust. You will read this and indeed you will trust. For this has been quarried from Zion’s crust.  The deep of the sea is nothing compared to the depths of His Love for me.  Selah – Damilare ENJOY Let me tell you this: how I was a wretch, wandering the wastelands of my own existence. Tensed, bound by the brokenness and bitterness of self. How I wallowed in woes, worry and wormholes, till my life was stripped of wonder and all I could see was shortcut into void and chaos. If I could I would ask you to spare a minute just to listen to the melody of the nadir.    Between the soul-wrenching yelps of the demon cur and the lustful clamor of the debauchee I found myself making petitions to gods I had forged after my

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Till He Returns

After (twenty) aeons have come and gone Before a billion stars twinkle and fail to burn In times of beauty and even when the clocks are worn My praise will ever be to the one called Elyon Brilliant, I bask in the brightness of the Son One whose face glows brighter than a million suns Lifting my voice from dusk to golden morn Always and forever till He returns Opening the vaults of praise I will sing Grace! Great Grace! That is what He brings Upon the throne of Mercy seats my Love-King Now and forever this song through eternity rings Songs of Glory across the galaxies ping, from Ocean floor to starry sky, tiny worm to earthling Lifting my voice from dusk to golden morn Always and forever till He returns And when the cloak of time is tattered and torn Broken, battered and oh so forlorn I shall stand on eternity’s shores Making sweet medley to the one I

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The Will

For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen. – Apostle Paul (Romans 11:36) Jesus is the Wheel of God. – JMD for through him God created everything in the heavenly realms and on earth. He made the things we can see and the things we can’t see–such as thrones, … – Apostle Paul (Colossians 1:16) He is the Will The one whose words bend hearts of stone and steel who breathed and a rod paved a corridor in the sea He holds the reins of galaxies They call Him the Word He who carved out mountains with Light as his sword creating humanity from clay and mud He is the Will from the grandeur of ghettos to the simplicity of gardens fashioning beauty from dross and dust the one in whose presence life emerges from rust He is the Wheel and axle for by Him and for Him where all things planted all

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