He is the loftiest thought in all of literature? He is more than just stories told… He is the Word. He is more than just a page turner. He is that one who walked into the grave and broke it chains. The same one who ventured into the nether reaches of hell and smashed the hold of inordinate ordinances. He is the one who turn around our captivity, leading captivity captive. He is more than a carpenter… He is the one nailed to a beam, whose blood plastered forgiveness on all humanity. The one who embraced our humanity and our iniquity and with one fell swoop crushed sin, sickness and strife. The one whose hands planted the stars in the fields of space and healed the scars on our face. He is more.  Who can measure the worth of a soul? For what price would you trade yours? Yet He empties himself for you.  He barters all His divinity –

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All my Hope

Disclaimer?: These are not song reviews. They are articles birthed from hours meditating on the spiritual and scriptural truths contained in Hillsong Tracks. You will listen to the same tracks and get a totally different interpretation but the beauty of it is that Christ is revealed. Click here to Enjoy other Tracks in the project… Track 4: All My Hope “Light in my darkness, Peace for my soul. You are my rescue, You never let go….  Here in my weakness, always the same Your love is my shelter, your life is my way”   Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.- Psalm 31:24 HIS LOVE, MY HOPE – By Gbenga Osowe Dark roads stretch out endless in front of me, What lies at the end of the tunnel I yet cannot see But, even then I trudge on, Buoyed by hope, Precious hope, reassuring hope To my right, there’s light So shiny and so bright, To the left,

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