Bible News #2

Good day! Beautiful people everywhere!!! All you fearfully and wonderfully crafted people I hail una. That’s just me trying out my Pidgin English. I remain your intrepid newscaster Justin Darrq. Today we will be jumping right into the mix with news from four corners of Scriptoria. SEX SCANDAL ROCKS THE HOUSE OF HEBRON KING OF ISRAEL CAUGHT PANTS DOWN WITH SOLDIER’S WIFE I did not have sexual relations with that woman – King David The stripper king makes the headlines again!!! Superstar King, David Jesse has allegedly been pointed out as the adulterous murderer responsible for the death of decorated warrior Uriah. Though we do not peddle rumors we have it confirmed from reputable sources (Auditors from Nathan Management Services) that the chief executive officer Prophet Nathan confronted the poet/music artiste turned King about his philantrophy philandering with the wife of said warrior, Bathsheba. Several interviews with house-help revealed that the king was away from the battle field during this

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Random #1

I have never really done a random post before. Let me try my hand on this Why I write? Well I want to become famous. I want people to ‘quote’ me. I want to walk down the street and get chased by adoring ‘female’ fans. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want all that. My ‘flesh’ has desires of its own but gladly the ME in me wants more. He longs to see lives changed. He longs to see light break out on the inside of you my dear reader. There are certain expressions that I have come to see are unique to me and I pray every day that those expressions evoke a desire and stir a longing to return to the wholeness of the Word and Wisdom of God in you. Perhaps along the way I will write that book or a series of songs that will eventually make me world-famous. Why Grace? I once

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