On waters

I wrote this poem with Tofunmi on the 31st of July 2013. Do enjoy! Ours is a sweltering passion A love that chases relentlessly, Unfettered by fear nor clouded by doubts. Its fluidity is unfazed by opposition He chases me through the dusty dunes of despair, Past the raging rivers of sin Into the mud of despondency He longs for me and thus He pursues me He chases, and chases me still. His gaze mixed with faith and grace Fixed on me as I dive into the ocean of uncertainty ___________ I gulped and gulped more of its salty content I was not afloat; I was deeply submerged in my mess But He was watching, I thought. Why wouldn’t He reach out, Reach for His lover. He wouldn’t watch me drown, would He? Oh boy! “Lord, fix me. Please!” I cried. Then His hands reached for me I sensed Him, his eyes fixed on me And then just what I

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