Reality of Righteousness

Listening to Pastor Onayinka Olusegun‘s teaching on the Reality of Righteousness and I find the scales falling off my eyes. The constant rhetoric in churches, designed to bombast the believer into a form of righteousness, is that we are to “work for our salvation with fear and trembling”. With voices raised and fists clenched the preacher with all his garb and garrulity attempts to arm-twist the believer into confessing his sins in order to obtain the forgiveness of God. {Once a preacher arrived with much fanfare and pomp} She and her band of merry men portrayed a God who would be so petty as to be marking church attendance register and counting the number of hours prayed. It was a drama that moved many to tears as they realized the utter “depravity” of their state. After all if God was to demand that we enter heaven on the basis of our works who would make it? Upon completion of the

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Turn or Burn

What is repentance? Repentance is one of those words that means different things to different people. Those with a performance-oriented mindset typically interpret repentance as turning from sin. It’s something you do (turn) as a result of something you’ve done (sinned). It’s fixing what you broke. It’s atoning for your mistakes. It’s sewing fig leaves to hide your shame. WHAT ARE YOU RESPONDING TO? In contrast, faith-based repentance is always done in response to something God has done. It’s the change of heart and mind that happens when you encounter His grace. A mixed-grace gospel will define repentance in terms of a prescribed set of behaviors (e.g., turning from sin) and emotions (e.g., sorrow and grief). But insisting on the proper way to repent is tantamount to putting people under law. The fruit of repentance may take 101 different forms—don’t limit God—but repentance itself is simply a change of mind. It’s what the word literally means. In the words of

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Above All

Disclaimer?: These are not song reviews. They are articles birthed from hours meditating on the spiritual and scriptural truths contained in Hillsong Tracks. You will listen to the same tracks and get a totally different interpretation but the beauty of it is that Christ is revealed. Click here to Enjoy other Tracks in the project… There are two Hillsong tracks with this title. I chose the lesser known one sang by Hillsong London. Click here for the link to Darlene Zschech’s version. The post will be an hybrid of both songs. Track 5: Above All (Hillsong London) How blessed are those who dwell in your house. Whose lives become roads that you travel. They wind through the valleys to the light of the sun one day in this beautiful place to worship. Our God reigns Above all. Your house is our home, where our faces will shine in the light of the sun. The blessedness of the Righteous is that they are

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A New Beginning

He used to be the God that healeth thee and just like the word healeth his healing ministry has been phased out – Modern Day Christians Association Why do we question God if He is not a man that He should lie? The anchor (Hope the anchor of our souls) of all our Faith (He is the Author and Finisher of our Faith), our Love (we love because HE first Loved us) is His Word. He doesn’t alter that which He utters. His WORDS are eternal, a living spring flowing even from Everlasting Light and not a stagnant gutter. His promises are not HOPE-SO, MAYBE-SO, THINK-SO. They are definite and GUESS WHAT!!!! IN Christ they HAVE BEEN FULFILLED AND PROVIDED. All things are possible… only in looney tunes.  – Modern Day Christians Association The first words uttered were LET THERE BE LIGHT. The death and resurrection of Christ saw man availed the opportunity to enjoy the experience of being translated

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