He is the loftiest thought in all of literature? He is more than just stories told… He is the Word. He is more than just a page turner. He is that one who walked into the grave and broke it chains. The same one who ventured into the nether reaches of hell and smashed the hold of inordinate ordinances. He is the one who turn around our captivity, leading captivity captive. He is more than a carpenter… He is the one nailed to a beam, whose blood plastered forgiveness on all humanity. The one who embraced our humanity and our iniquity and with one fell swoop crushed sin, sickness and strife. The one whose hands planted the stars in the fields of space and healed the scars on our face. He is more.  Who can measure the worth of a soul? For what price would you trade yours? Yet He empties himself for you.  He barters all His divinity –

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All I Do

All I do is to dance with my King upon the waters…. In His arms forever intertwined with the Spirit Nestled up in a Love with no bars or limits Reclined cozily under the shadows of His wings You are washed by water from an ever flowing spring He will never lead you where He won’t go His Wisdom never takes you where His Grace doesn’t cover you You can waltz on the waters today This is what the Spirit of God says… Track 15: Faith causes you to walk dance upon the waters. He calls out to you, singling you out of many in the same boat. You are not the smartest. You are not the most politically correct one. You are not even that pretty. Yet He calls longingly to you. Asking you to step out and step forward. His eyes burn with a relentless desire for you, to hold you in his arms. No one else hears the

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I woke up with the words “I love you”, on my lips Then a touch on my shoulder on sitting straight Smoothly brushed my right shoulder in a caress The same blood-stained hands! You almost did scare me! They didn’t seem to have ever been pierced Enough for the ‘crimson flow’ to gush out easily I wiped out the corner of my lower lip Free from the liquid of sweet-sleep “Can I have this dance?” So insistent, yet lovingly tender How beautiful and natural the strands of his hair were! He didn’t need wisps of hair smoothed off, no wisps! I could’ve said “Seems you’ve had your bath” Now I know why “Firstborn from the dead, lives never to die anymore” Large, grace-filled eyes easily gathered rivers He took my hand in a dance I’d never known No thanks to not being a dance-person Without definite beat or music that I heard His heart’s beat would’ve been sufficient. One thing

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